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MOVE over fid­dle leaf fig, there’s a new favourite house­plant in town and its name is monstera de­li­ciosa.

Dubbed ‘the plant of 2018’, it’s quickly win­ning peo­ple over with its hardy, at­trac­tive and low-main­te­nance ap­peal.

Robert King of Bar Botanik on Fitzger­ald Street shares his knowl­edge and pas­sion for this de­sired house­plant. Why is the monstera de­li­ciosa the plant of 2018?

Monstera de­li­ciosa and its close rel­a­tive monstera adan­sonii are the stand­out plants for Bar Botanik for 2018 as they make an easy-to-care- for house­plant in WA. Both have climb­ing, trail­ing habits but can be trained to be an up­right plant with sup­port – this is espe­cially true of the monstera de­li­ciosa, while the monstera adan­sonii is an ex­cel­lent choice for a hang­ing or cas­cad­ing plant. Why is it a per­sonal favourite for you?

The mon­steras are spe­cial to me as they bring back mem­o­ries of gar­dens in years gone by and have one of the most struc­tured and strik­ing leaves.

They are also a hardy and adapt­able house­plant. Of all the plants in my home, the monstera de­li­ciosa has the most no­tice­able, and there­fore most an­tic­i­pated, open­ing of each new leaf. This oc­curs grad­u­ally over one to two weeks. Has the fid­dle leaf fig been knocked off its perch?

It is still a pop­u­lar plant and is also in the run­ning to be our best seller for 2018. I wouldn’t say it has been knocked off its perch just yet. What other plants will be­come big hits this year?

The stre­litzia nico­lai, devils ivy and rub­ber plant Five tips on car­ing for the house­plant

Give it mod­er­ate to good in­di­rect light (can even take fil­tered morn­ing sun)

Wa­ter on a reg­u­lar ba­sis (once a week is usu­ally suf­fi­cient in the home) but do not let it sit in wa­ter, and al­low soil to al­most dry out be­tween wa­ter­ings

A mois­ture me­ter is a use­ful way to give a cor­rect wa­ter­ing regime

Stake the plant while young if you want an up­right plant

Limit ar­ti­fi­cial en­vi­ron­ments such as air­con­di­tion­ing and heat­ing.

The monstera de­li­ciosa house­plant.

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