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Empire (Australasia) - - Re.view -

JOHN CLANCY (Anthony Hopkins) is a psy­chic brought in to help on a se­rial killer in­ves­ti­ga­tion by his FBI pal. But he starts to sus­pect the killer might have powers of his own. The film is ba­si­cally a po­lice pro­ce­dural driven by Clancy’s clair­voy­ance rather than any foren­sic skill (FBI and po­lice ex­perts are only there to be amazed by Hopkins, just as you will be amazed how close his hair is to be­ing a mul­let) — a scene where Clancy is com­pared to a po­lice snif­fer dog is too apt, as his po­lice han­dlers trail pas­sively be­hind him as fol­lows the scent. Some good mini-twists, as Clancy “sees” pos­si­ble fu­tures that may or may not come to pass; but over­all, it plods to­wards a fairly pre­dictable cli­max. Hopkins brings some pa­tri­cian class to the role: hear­ing him in­tone in­sights into the mys­te­ri­ous killer evokes Dr Lecter, al­though nei­ther the char­ac­ter nor the movie ever ap­proaches those lev­els. It all walks a well-trod­den path, but it’s an en­joy­able stroll and doesn’t out­stay its wel­come.


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