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WILL SMITH IS in mopey Seven Pounds mode as Howard In­let, locked in a per­ma­nent state of griev­ing af­ter the loss of his child. His three friends hire three ac­tors to pre­tend to be

Love, Time and Death to make Howard seem crazy so they can sell the com­pany (with friends like these…). It sounds ridicu­lous on pa­per, and it’s only slightly less ridicu­lous on screen. It’s a recipe that just doesn’t work. Par­tially be­cause there’s only so many times you can talk about chil­dren dy­ing of can­cer be­fore you tor­pedo any feel-good vibes. Par­tially it’s about cast­ing Will Smith and mak­ing him a mopey mute — it’s like cast­ing Usain Bolt as a couch po­tato. Par­tially it’s try­ing to make the movie Im­por­tant and Sin­cere, when they should have aimed for Silly and En­joy­able. Di­rec­tor David Frankel (The

Devil Wears Prada) can’t make this dog hunt. EX­TRAS Mak­ing-of fea­turette. RY

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