As Doc­tor Who sea­son 10 nears, Empire cel­e­brates Doc­tor Who’s bad­dest bad­dies

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PART-DUSTBIN, Part-pep­per­pot, al­larse­hole, the Daleks been Doc­tor Who’s arch-en­e­mies for decades. The Daleks are set to re­turn in sea­son 10 of Doc­tor Who — here are their most no­table ap­pear­ances to date.

1 __ The de­but (1963)

From their in­tro­duc­tion on Doc­tor Who in De­cem­ber 1963, the Daleks — hor­ri­bly mu­tated aliens housed in a tank-like shell — cap­tured the pub­lic’s imag­i­na­tion. Their catch­phrase “Ex­ter­mi­nate!” didn’t ac­tu­ally ap­pear un­til 1964 and the fourth episode of this arc (and even then it was “Ex­ter­mi­nated!”). School play­grounds would never be the same again.

2 __ the big screen break­outs (1965-’66) ‘Dalek­ma­nia’ hit in the mid-’60s, and it saw the robobad­dies make the leap to the sil­ver screen, along­side Peter Cush­ing’s ‘Dr. Who’. 1966’s Daleks — In­va­sion Earth 2150 A.D. even saw them nudge the Doc­tor’s name off his own poster. Stick that up your TARDIS.

3 __ the comic strip (1965-’67)

Com­pli­cated li­cens­ing is­sues meant that while Doc­tor Who strips ap­peared in the pages of TV Comic, a sep­a­rate The Daleks se­ries was in ri­val ti­tle TV Cen­tury 21.

4 __ the re­gen­er­a­tion re­as­sur­ance (1966) Re­gen­er­at­ing Wil­liam Hart­nell into Pa­trick Troughton was the big­gest gam­ble Doc­tor Who would ever take, and so as in­sur­ance the Daleks were drafted in to bat­tle Troughton in his first sto­ry­line, Power Of The Daleks, re­as­sur­ing view­ers that this was the Doc­tor they knew and loved.

5 __ the birth of davros (1975)

Ge­n­e­sis Of The Daleks took the Doc­tor back to the Daleks’ cre­ation, where he grap­ples with an or­der to de­stroy them be­fore they can do any harm. It also saw their off-screen cre­ator, Terry Na­tion, in­tro­duce their on-screen cre­ator Davros, a wheel­chair-bound half-hu­man, half-dalek.

6 __ the un­ex­pected evo­lu­tion (1988)

The Daleks fi­nally put paid to the old jokes — how do you es­cape a Dalek? Run up a flight of stairs — with a nifty fly­ing ma­noeu­vre. This ter­ri­fy­ing cliffhanger in Re­mem­brance Of The Daleks is one of the show’s clas­sic mo­ments.

7 __ the au­dio drama (2003)

One of many au­dio plays pro­duced while the show was off air, Ju­bilee (fea­tur­ing Colin Baker) saw a Dalek pre­sented sym­pa­thet­i­cally for the first time — as the pris­oner of a despotic par­al­lel-uni­verse Bri­tish empire.

8 __ the char­ac­ter study (2005)

In­spired by Ju­bilee, Christo­pher Ec­cle­ston’s Ninth Doc­tor en­coun­ters a Dalek (seem­ingly the last of its kind) in an un­der­ground mu­seum in the aptly-named Dalek. Sur­pris­ingly poignant as the lonely crit­ter ends up self-de­struc­t­ing.

9 __ the face off (2006)

The Daleks and the Cy­ber­men had ex­isted for four decades with­out ap­pear­ing to­gether in an episode. That changed with Dooms­day, in which they fi­nally faced off, only to have the Doc­tor ban­ish both armies to a void di­men­sion.

10 __ the twist (2013)

In Asy­lum Of The Daleks, a Steven Mof­fat story that cel­e­brated Dalek his­tory, came a hor­ri­fy­ing twist. Po­ten­tial com­pan­ion Oswin (Jenna Cole­man) turned out to be a poor im­pris­oned Dalek, who wasn’t even aware of her true na­ture. She’d later reap­pear as ac­tual com­pan­ion Clara (it’s com­pli­cated).


Wil­liam Hart­nell, the first Doc­tor Who, with Dalek mod­els in 1965.

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