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Guys, great Top 100 is­sue but (like many oth­ers, I’m as­sum­ing) I thought the list had some no­table flaws. The more egre­gious of them I’ve noted be­low, with my rea­son­ing:

The Dark Knight: Nolan has man­aged to strip the fun out of Bat­man

Re­turn Of The King: long and bor­ing

The Two Tow­ers: long and bor­ing, but it does have Helm’s Deep

The De­parted: fine as a Scors­ese comedy, aw­ful ev­ery other way

The Thing: the char­ac­ters do some stupid things IMO

Mad Max: Fury Road: not even the best Max. Jam-packed with CGI when it’s sup­pos­edly old school

Sav­ing Pri­vate Ryan: prob­a­bly de­serves a spot but his­tory hasn’t been kind. Too much Spiel­berg sap There Will Be Blood: take an hour out and it might be a great film

Gla­di­a­tor: not ter­ri­ble but it’s spawned too many scenes of some­one walk­ing through a wheat field

Drive: ’80s mu­sic and ’00s vi­o­lence left a bad taste in my mouth

In­glou­ri­ous Bas­terds: strange how some of the Nazis in the film are more at­trac­tive char­ac­ters than the ‘he­roes’

Hot Fuzz: un­mem­o­rable, like all Pegg

The So­cial Net­work: ac­cu­rate por­trayal of what the cre­ators of Face­book re­ally wanted — fame and wealth— but I’d sub it for a dif­fer­ent Fincher, Zo­diac

Shaun Of The Dead: see above re­mark re: Pegg The Pres­tige: per­haps a vic­tim of dodgy mar­ket­ing. It’s sci-fi, not magic

The Princess Bride: I was ex­pect­ing great­ness, didn’t get it

Ti­tanic: suf­fers from mous­tache twirling bad guys Let the cinema de­bate roll on!


A list that is sure to bring about a lot of de­bate, Jonathan. Over to you, Em­pire read­ers — get stuck into it!

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