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I have heard a lot of praise for Spi­der-man: Home­com­ing. While there are is­sues with the film, I don’t think adult crit­ics fully un­der­stand just how per­fect this rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Spi­der-man is for the orig­i­nal pur­pose of this char­ac­ter: to give kids a hero to look up to that’s just like them. Speaking as an 18-yearold, I have never iden­ti­fied with a Marvel char­ac­ter more than when I sat in the cinema watch­ing Tom Hol­land’s por­trayal of Spi­der-man deal with the stresses of high­school life and try­ing to stay true to him­self. Peter may have su­per­pow­ers, but he’s still a kid. He’s naive, in­ex­pe­ri­enced, his idols don’t take him se­ri­ously, he’s try­ing his best but it never seems good enough. But he still tries, and will con­tinue to. It is not a per­fect Spi­der-man movie, I don’t think one ex­ists, but I do know for sure that this is the per­fect Spi­der-man for my gen­er­a­tion


Thanks for your awe­some email, Mad­die! Nice to hear a fresh perspective on ol’ web-head.

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