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MAR­VEL STU­DIOS DIDN’T bring the en­tire cast of Avengers: In­fin­ity War to Comic-con. Prob­a­bly be­cause the con­ven­tion cen­tre isn’t big enough. But Mar­vel chief Kevin Feige did bring footage from the next few MCU films, and dropped a few info-bombs into the bar­gain…


At the end of Ant-man, we see a pic­ture of Janet van Dyne, the orig­i­nal Wasp and wife of Michael Dou­glas’ Hank Pym, long thought lost to the mys­te­ri­ous Quan­tum Realm. Well, al­most — her face was ob­scured, so Mar­vel could cast the role down the line. Which they have in style, with Michelle Pfeif­fer join­ing the cast of the cur­rently film­ing Ant-man And The Wasp. “We used to say, ‘It would be great if they go to res­cue some­one like Michelle Pfeif­fer,’” Feige tells Em­pire. “Very re­cently she said yes.” Feige also con­firmed the film will fea­ture “heist el­e­ments”, as Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, Pym and Evan­ge­line Lilly’s Hope van Dyne head into the Quan­tum Realm in search of Janet.

nineties MAR­VEL

With film­ing set to start soon on Cap­tain Mar­vel, which will star Brie Lar­son as the stu­dio’s new­est su­per­hero (and first solo fe­male lead), Feige teased a few key de­tails. The film will be set in the early 1990s, al­most two decades be­fore Tony Stark be­came Iron Man. “We thought it would be fun to make a film set in that pe­riod, and for very spe­cific rea­sons,” says Feige. It’s rea­son­able to as­sume that Danvers’ ab­sence from the MCU to date will be ad­dressed.

YOUNG FURY and the skrulls

Two more big rev­e­la­tions about Cap­tain

Mar­vel, which will be di­rected by Ryan Fleck and Anna Bo­den. The bad guys will be alien shapeshift­ing men­aces the Skrulls, which could set the stage for a ma­jor ret­con of the MCU post-avengers 4. With their abil­ity to look like

any­body, there’s a fair chance that it may be re­vealed one or more Avengers have not been who they seem this whole time. Will that ap­ply to Nick Fury? That re­mains to be seen, but af­ter miss­ing the last few Mar­vel movies, Sa­muel L. Jackson will re­turn to the role, with one key dif­fer­ence: this younger Fury won’t yet have ex­pe­ri­enced the in­ci­dent that leads to him wear­ing his iconic eye­patch.

BLACK PAN­THER leaps into ac­tion

Ryan Coogler and most of his Black Pan­ther cast showed up, along with about five min­utes of stylish footage. High­lights in­cluded a tense, James Bon­dian casino fight se­quence which show­cases Black Pan­ther’s in­cred­i­ble leap­ing prow­ess; the rev­e­la­tion that bad guy Erik Kill­mon­ger (Michael B. Jor­dan) has a vi­bra­nium suit sim­i­lar to T’challa’s (Chad­wick Bose­man); and the de­but of Ulysses Klaw’s (Andy Serkis) new sonic dis­rup­tor arm. It was the first time any of the cast had seen the footage. “This is the film of my dreams,” said Daniel Kalu­uya, who plays W’kabi. “It’s amaz­ing to see an African story be­ing told in a uni­verse like this.”


Feige — with help from Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruf­falo, Bose­man, Tom Hid­dle­ston and co-di­rec­tor Joe Russo — brought a brief look at Avengers: In­fin­ity War that hinted at the enor­mous scale of the ul­ti­mate su­per­hero team-up movie. Start­ing with a scene in which

a wounded Thor meets the Guardians Of The Galaxy, it went on to fea­ture al­most ev­ery sin­gle Avenger, in­clud­ing Chris Evans’ Cap­tain Amer­ica with a beard. It also in­cluded shots of a blood­ied Spi­der-man (Tom Hol­land) and a scream­ing Thor hav­ing his head clamped by Thanos (Josh Brolin). “It’s an in­tense film,” con­firms Russo. “There’s cer­tainly a lot of hu­mour as well. That’s prob­a­bly the hard­est job we have on this movie, bal­anc­ing the tone.”

THANOS means busi­ness

“Frankly, Avengers 3 is Thanos’ movie,” says Russo of the pur­ple prick who’s tar­get­ing Earth’s might­i­est heroes in In­fin­ity War. The footage ended with Thanos turn­ing a nearby moon into a fire­ball of comets, all the bet­ter to chuck them at the Avengers. “That’s one of many things Thanos does in this film,” laughs Russo.

“He’s an in­cred­i­ble threat. We’re hop­ing to make a Darth Vader for a new gen­er­a­tion.”

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