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WITH THE RECORD-BREAK­ING com­mer­cial (not to men­tion crit­i­cal) suc­cess of Won­der Woman giv­ing both Warner Bros. and DC a boost, the com­pa­nies brought their big guns to Comic-con, putting Ben Af­fleck (Bat­man), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Gal Gadot (Won­der Woman) and Jason Momoa (Aqua­man) on stage to talk Jus­tice League, Aqua­man and more, in­clud­ing in­di­ca­tions that the DC Ex­tended Uni­verse is about to get pretty darn big.

Com­ing At­trac­tions

Fol­low­ing this year’s Jus­tice League and next year’s Aqua­man, Warner Bros. has an­other eight DCEU movies in the works. Shazam is due for April 2019, while Won­der Woman 2 will fol­low that in De­cem­ber 2019. Also com­ing, but cur­rently un­dated, are Joss Whe­don’s Bat­girl, Matt Reeves’ The Bat­man, Sui­cide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps and Jus­tice League Dark.

Pre­vi­ously an­nounced, but now no­tice­ably ab­sent, is a stand­alone Cy­borg movie.

Un­der­sea bat­tles

The Ocean Mas­ter, played by Pa­trick Wilson (who had a voice cameo as the US Pres­i­dent in Bat­man v Superman: Dawn Of Jus­tice), will be Aqua­man’s main neme­sis. And he’s not mess­ing around. The At­lantean king’s half brother, he’s af­ter the throne and has an en­tire fleet of ships at his dis­posal. But they’re ships with a dif­fer­ence — these travel be­neath the waves.

Bat­mo­bile 2.0

Bat­man may be down one su­per-pow­ered ally (there’s still no footage of Superman in Jus­tice League), but he’s tool­ing up in other ways. Most no­tably with his hard­ware-boosted Bat­mo­bile which is now vis­i­bly bet­ter armed (mis­siles! ma­chine guns!) than it was in BVS.

flash for­ward

As so many trail­ers are at pains to tell us these days — we need to for­get every­thing we thought we knew. Be­cause The Flash’s stand­alone film (due 2020) has a tan­ta­lis­ing ti­tle — The Flash: Flash­point — that hints at a sur­pris­ing fu­ture for the DCEU. The ‘Flash­point’ run in the comics saw The Flash travel back in time, dras­ti­cally chang­ing the present with his ac­tions. Could the DCEU be set for a re­boot in as lit­tle as three years’ time?

born to be wild

We’ve fi­nally had our first glimpse of Step­pen­wolf (Ciaran Hinds), the main vil­lain in Jus­tice League.

Hinted at in a deleted BVS scene (as Lex Luthor ex­am­ined the archives of the crashed Kryp­to­nian ship) he will lead an in­va­sion of Earth. Which, as shown in the trailer,in­cludes at­tack­ing Won­der Woman’s home The­myscira and do­ing bat­tle with the Ama­zo­ni­ans.

Superman Re­turns

The ques­tion isn’t re­ally, “Will Superman ap­pear in Jus­tice League?” but, “How long will he be in Jus­tice League for?” Killed off to give Bruce

Wayne the im­pe­tus needed to gather a team of heroes to fight to­gether, it’s been con­firmed Superman will be in the film, and there’s spec­u­la­tion he first re­veals him­self to Al­fred (Jeremy Irons) based on the lat­est trailer. But it’s not that straight­for­ward...

the fu­ture’s green

... be­cause the re­flec­tion in Al­fred’s glasses in the scene in ques­tion is green. As in Green Lantern. Step­pen­wolf hints the cos­mic heroes are gone (“No pro­tec­tors here. No Lanterns. No Kryp­to­nian”), but could Warner Bros. be about to drop a sur­prise? JUS­TICE LEAGUE IS IN CIN­E­MAS FROM 16 NOVEM­BER. AQUA­MAN IS IN CIN­E­MAS FROM 26 DE­CEM­BER 2018

With the ad­di­tion of Cy­borg, The Flash and Aqua­man, the DC Ex­tended Uni­verse is grow­ing at a su­per­size rate.

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