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Have you been to Comic-con be­fore?

Yes, I have. Bizarrely, it was for the DVD re­lease of Look Around You, the block­buster BBC eight-to-10-minute-episode cult se­ries that is beloved by its small but loyal bunch of fol­low­ers. We did a panel and there wasn’t far off a thou­sand peo­ple there. I was just sur­prised that a thou­sand peo­ple ever even watched it.

What brings you here?

The Tick. It’s a show for Ama­zon and it’s cre­ated by Ben Ed­lund, and I play The Tick. He’s a blue su­per­hero, and it was a comic-book, a car­toon se­ries and a live-ac­tion se­ries a few years ago star­ring Pa­trick War­bur­ton. They were quite big shoes to fill. No, they were quite un­com­fort­able shoes to fill.

Who’s the most fa­mous per­son you’ve crossed paths with so far?

I just bumped into Al­fie Allen. Prob­a­bly 20 years ago we worked to­gether when he was 10. We did a pilot that was writ­ten by Matt Lu­cas, David Wal­liams and Robert Pop­per called You Are Here.

I haven’t seen him since, ex­cept on screen. I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan. We filmed this thing up in the Lake Dis­trict and I taught him how to do a Michael Caine im­pres­sion. I just got his num­ber now and I can’t wait to catch up with him later on. It’s al­ways good to see one of my pupils do­ing so well.

Which of your char­ac­ters is big­gest at Comic-con?

I guess it’s The Tick. Oth­er­wise, Darth Maul is still prob­a­bly the one. Star Wars, de­spite my re­ally minis­cule in­volve­ment in that, still lingers.

Mar­vel or DC?

Mar­vel. Why? Fuck you! None of your busi­ness!


The Tick (Peter Ser­afi­now­icz) fails his driv­ing test.

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