Will the Dan­ish di­rec­tor be a lone sur­vivor?

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In World War II drama Their Finest,

Sam Claflin tells Gemma Arter­ton, “Films are like life with the bor­ing bits cut out.” Who orig­i­nated that quote? Al­fred Hitch­cock. It’s an anachro­nism. Hitch­cock is a big in­flu­ence on me. I’ve taught some of his work. The Hitch­cock/truf­faut book is still the best film book I own. Cor­rect. “Pan­creas”, “woman’s hand­ball team”, “sor­bet”. These IMDB plot key­words de­scribe which film? I don’t know. [Hears an­swer] Ah yes, it is the mother who has pan­cre­ati­tis but it is also a dis­ease that turns up in Wil­bur Wants To Kill Him­self. The cor­rect an­swer is Ital­ian For Be­gin­ners. In The Riot Club, how does Alis­tair (Sam Claflin) cor­rect the mug­ger who wants to take his bank de­tails? He says, “If you say ‘PIN num­ber’, you’re say­ing ‘num­ber’ twice. You’re say­ing, ‘per­sonal iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­ber num­ber.’” Lines just stick to you and lit­tle by lit­tle you for­get some lines but not the whole. Cor­rect. Tell us one of the two poster taglines for Wil­bur Wants To Kill Him­self. There were a num­ber of dif­fer­ent posters. ‘Meet a man dy­ing to live.’ Could be the Scot­tish one or the Bri­tish one. What’s the other one? [Hears an­swer] Ah yes, I like that bet­ter. The ti­tle was a mis­take. I re­ally, re­ally love that film and I think it would have found a big­ger au­di­ence with a dif­fer­ent ti­tle. Cor­rect. The other tagline is “The life he wanted to end was just about to be­gin.” In Just Like Home, the town or­phan played by Peter Gant­zler thinks he is ad­dicted to drugs but what is he ac­tu­ally ad­dicted to? It’s ju­nior as­pirin. I still feel like I should go back and make that film the first act of a big­ger film. There is so much un­de­vel­oped ma­te­rial in there, which is the pu­n­ish­ment for think­ing you can write and shoot at the same time. Cor­rect. You and An­ders Thomas Jensen cre­ated char­ac­ters for Red Road for Andrea Arnold. What pro­fes­sion does Clyde Hen­der­son ad­ver­tise on the side of his van? That I don’t re­mem­ber. It is so much Andrea’s film. We cre­ated the char­ac­ters, she cre­ated every­thing else. [Hears an­swer] Oh yes, of course! A lock­smith! We did make that up! The cor­rect an­swer is lock­smith. Which cast mem­ber links The Astro­naut Wives Club and Sex And The City? That I don’t know. [Hears an­swer] Of course! I would like to do more US tele­vi­sion be­cause I don’t think I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time. The cor­rect an­swer is Evan Han­dler. Fin­ish Carey Mul­li­gan’s line of di­a­logue from An Ed­u­ca­tion: “If you never do any­thing…” It is prob­a­bly some­thing about “... you never be­come any­one.” Aww, she is so sweet. Cor­rect. Your fea­ture de­but The Birth­day Trip won what award at the Robert Awards (the Dan­ish Os­cars)? I won­der what that could be? Mu­sic maybe?

[Hear­ing an­swer] Of course. She de­served that. She was a proper the­atre ac­tress — she had played Ham­let — and was way out of my league at that point. Now it’s em­bar­rass­ing I don’t re­mem­ber. The cor­rect an­swer is Best Ac­tress for Dorota Pomykala. 10 In One Day, Anne Hath­away’s Emma Mor­ley says to Rafe Spall’s Ian in an ar­gu­ment, “You just sat around fart­ing and watching the bloody...” What film does she throw at him? The Wrath Of Khan! [Laughs]. Cor­rect. LONE SCHERFIG SCORES 6 “Maybe it proves I am not some­one who sits in ev­ery night watching my own films, I’d rather look ahead and think about the next ones.” THEIR FINEST IS OUT NOW ON DOWN­LOAD, DVD AND BLU-RAY

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