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DEAR TEAM, my wife had a go at me for wear­ing my old dis­coloured white Em­pire cap a lit­tle too of­ten. So I swapped to my newer one and made this my Face­book pro­file pic to spite her! Lucky she thinks at least one of us is cute in your merch. Mean­while this lit­tle movie-buff-in-the-mak­ing loves

Star Wars and The Wizard Of Oz. I got also got in­spired to have a bit of fun with some of our favourite films… NEV AND HENRY, VIA EMAIL

Nice work, Nev and Henry! If your Face­book pro­file pic ticked your wife off, this will RE­ALLY get her goat (sorry?). Got any cool pho­tos, read­ers? Send ‘em on in!

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