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Yeah that’s it Em­pire, I’ve had enough. You gave the bit­terly dis­ap­point­ing Baby Driver five stars (what the?) and a few edi­tions ago you fea­tured the non­sen­si­cal Don’t Breathe as the best hor­ror of last year, but the ic­ing on the cake is to give the first de­cent hor­ror in years — Killing Ground — two stars. You say it’s “grim sadism” and it’s hard to be­lieve this can be “any­thing ap­proach­ing en­ter­tain­ment”. You clearly don’t un­der­stand hor­ror and yet still feel the need to re­view it (whilst ob­vi­ously miss­ing the point spec­tac­u­larly). Not only that but you heap praise on the dread­fully overblown and quite stupid Baby Driver. Good­bye sub­scrip­tion... SU­SANNA FINN, WERRIBEE, VIC

Sorry to see you go, Su­sanna. Ev­ery­one’s en­ti­tled to their own opin­ion — it’s what makes the world a won­der­ful place, in­nit? — and we still stand by ours. And while an ar­gu­ment can be made that Killing Ground is a thriller and not a hor­ror, that’s just split­ting hairs. And now you’re split­ting. So much split­ting right now. Per­haps we could un­dergo some cou­ples ther­apy to­gether?

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