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NOTH­ING PUTS ME to sleep faster than think­ing about how tired I would be if I ac­tu­ally went to the gym. And my nar­colepsy. Oh, and peo­ple talk­ing about “su­per­hero movie fa­tigue.” When it comes to cin­ema, my loves are as wide and di­verse as Ego’s se­lec­tion of baby ma­mas in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Yep, IMHO flicks based on comic books are most def­i­nitely wor­thy of some sweet, sweet lovin’. (Not all, mind, but I cer­tainly hold no bias.)

It seems the gen­eral movie-go­ing public agree with me: as of writ­ing this, four of the Top 10 big­gest gross­ing films world­wide this year are based on comic books, in­clud­ing two films

— GOTG V2 and Spi­der-man: Home­com­ing — that have led to Marvel Stu­dios’ reach­ing the mile­stone of birthing the first film fran­chise to make over 12 bil­lion dol­lars. Se­ri­ous ca$h.

To cel­e­brate the love that, to some, dare not speak its name, we have de­vised a spe­cial treat for our 200th is­sue (yep, that’s right — it’s our bi­cen­te­nary, baby): we of­fer not only our cus­tom­ary ex­clu­sive on-set ac­cess for Jus­tice League (p.38), but also a bonus mag­a­zine called the ‘Great­est Comic Book Movies Ever!’ that cel­e­brates some of our faves from the last dozen or so years (you may dis­agree with some of our in­clu­sions, but pas­sion­ately bif­fin’ over film choices is what we love to do, right?)

And know­ing you fine folk en­joy some di­ver­sity as much as we do, this is­sue takes you on a jour­ney from the Golden Age of Hol­ly­wood to the Golden Age of TV and all stops in-be­tween.

In chrono­log­i­cal or­der of film set­ting: we take a look back at 1941’s How Green Was My Val­ley, the film that fa­mously snatched the Best Pic­ture Os­car away from Ci­ti­zen Kane (p.78); there’s an at­tempt to an­swer the ques­tion “Can Clooney go Coen?” in di­rec­tor Ge­orge Clooney’s 1950s-set satire Subur­bicon (p.47, based on a Joel and Ethan Coen script); we step into the late-’50s via Andy Serkis’ di­rec­to­rial fea­ture de­but Breathe (and cast an eye over his en­vi­able ca­reer, p.70); gather am­ple ev­i­dence that Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger was bound for su­per­star­dom thanks to sheer self-be­lief in our ret­ro­spec­tive on 1977’s Pump­ing Iron (p.52); re­visit the ’80s with some kooky kids and the inter-di­men­sional be­ings who tor­ment them in the fever­ishly an­tic­i­pated Stranger Things 2 (p.62) and, fi­nally, cel­e­brate the lengthy ca­reer of the re­cently de­parted Harry Dean Stan­ton, one of moviedom’s true orig­i­nals (p.58).

So as you tuck into this tasty 200th is­sue of Em­pire Aus­tralia, we’ll get back to do­ing what we do best: squeez­ing into some ill-fit­ting tights (or per­haps they ac­tu­ally fit just per­fect?), fight­ing mega­lo­ma­ni­acs bent on world dom­i­na­tion (next stop: the White House) and bring­ing you the very best film re­views, news and fea­tures for now and many mus­cle flexin’ years to come.

With love and magic light­ning bolts shoot­ing from my glow­ing eyes,

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