“Gur­gler’s! Fuck! When you drink a lot of Gur­gler’s, you for­get what it is.”

Will he take ex­cep­tion to the ques­tions?

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1 In the film of the same name, Jack Reacher threat­ens your char­ac­ter, Char­lie, over the phone in a colour­ful way. What is it?

He says, “I mean to drink your blood from a boot.” [ Hears full an­swer]. Come on! Surely

I get a point there, I got the money phrase! It’s a bloody good line, so maybe I’ll start us­ing it!

½ point. The line is, “I am go­ing to beat you to death and drink your blood from a boot.”


In I, Franken­stein, what item of

Adam’s does Gideon of­fer to trade for Leonore’s life?

It’s a book... um... Is it Doc­tor Franken­stein’s notes on him?

Cor­rect. The book is Vic­tor Franken­stein’s sci­en­tific jour­nal.


In A Good Day To Die Hard, how does your char­ac­ter, Jack Mcclane, kill the chief vil­lain, Ko­marov?

I throw him off the fuck­ing top of a build­ing into a chop­per ro­tor. It was an awe­some scene to shoot. And that was a crazy movie, it was just car­nage. We trashed up­wards of a hun­dred ve­hi­cles shoot­ing the car chase.



What are Varro’s last words in Spar­ta­cus: Blood And Sand?

I have no idea, dude. [ Hears an­swer] I have fond mem­o­ries, but it was grue­some, with a blood con­trap­tion that made shit spurt out of my shoul­der. Andy [Whit­field, who played Spar­ta­cus] and I, we got very close. It’s ac­tu­ally the an­niver­sary of his death to­day, strangely. The cor­rect an­swer is, “Live… and see my fam­ily pro­vided for. And know I would have done the same.”


In Felony, where do Carl, Mal and

Jim meet?

It’s the back of a pub, but I couldn’t tell you the name of it. [ Hears an­swer] Oh! Tam­bourine’s! Of course. My bad.

½ point. The cor­rect an­swer is Tam­bourine’s.


What’s Cup’s full name in Un­bro­ken?

It’s Hugh Cu­per­nell. He has a first name? Oh God, that’s so dis­re­spect­ful. What was his first name? To get it wrong would only be worse than not know­ing. [ Hears an­swer] Of course! Charl­ton. I apol­o­gise to him and his fam­ily.

A few guys had the priv­i­lege of get­ting in touch with the fam­i­lies of those they played. But I just came up and worked a cou­ple of weeks, shoot­ing a bunch of mis­sions in the plane and then left.

½ point. The full name is Charl­ton Hugh Cu­per­nell.


Com­plete this line of di­a­logue from Di­ver­gent: “You got three op­tions…”

I vaguely re­mem­ber. It’s when they’re fight­ing... I don’t know! [ Hears an­swer] It’s weird, those lines bounce in my head all the time and yet I couldn’t re­mem­ber them when I needed them most!

The cor­rect an­swer is, “Hang there and I’ll for­get your cow­ardice. Fall and die. Or give up… But if you give up, you’re out.”


What day does Kyle Reese first travel back to in Ter­mi­na­tor Genisys?

Ah, you’re killing me! It’s in 1984. It’s... June 7? [ Laughs] I’ll take a half a point!

½ point. The full date is 12 May 1984.


In Sui­cide Squad, Cap­tain Boomerang takes a sur­rep­ti­tious swig from a can of beer. What is the name of the beer?

The name of the beer is... Don’t tell me! What is it? [ Hears the an­swer] Gur­gler’s! Fuck! When you drink a lot of Gur­gler’s, you for­get what it is.

The cor­rect an­swer is Gur­gler’s Ale.


You’ve played a cap­tain, a lieu­tenant colonel and a first lieu­tenant. Name the films.

I’m a cap­tain in The Ex­cep­tion. I’m a lieu­tenant colonel in... wait, I don’t want to get these wrong. I think I’m a lieu­tenant colonel in The Wa­ter Diviner. And first lieu­tenant is Man Down...?

NO! It’s Un­bro­ken.


JAI COURT­NEY SCORES 5 “I feel like that’s where I’ve been most of my life! That’s the way I roll in gen­eral. So, I’m happy with that.”

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