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1 Where did the Rolex watch your char­ac­ter wears in Noc­tur­nal An­i­mals come from?

Switzer­land. Fi­nal an­swer. Wait! Let me think about it. It was Tom’s [Ford, the di­rec­tor]. Ev­ery­one got fake every­thing, ex­cept for my char­ac­ter. And I drove his car, but only about six feet. Cor­rect.

2 What movie does your char­ac­ter, Clyde Tol­son, watch in J. Edgar?

‘G’ Men. Cor­rect.

3 You ap­peared in Ar­rested Devel­op­ment as Stu­dent #2. What line did you de­liver to Ge­orge Michael?

“Hey, Star Dork!” It’s all been down­hill from there, that’s for sure. I have a plan to get back on the show. Stu­dent #2 is a noth­ing name, so I’m go­ing to show up and say, “It’s ac­tu­ally my name. I have hip­pie par­ents and my name is ‘Stu­dent’ and my last name is ‘#2’.” I shall go back in time and give my­self the name of my char­ac­ter. I keep pitch­ing that to Jason [Bate­man] and Ron Howard, and no-one’s lis­ten­ing. Cor­rect.

4 Which book does The Lone Ranger’s John

Reid con­sider to be his ‘bi­ble’?

Er... ‘The Trea­tise On Law’? The John Locke book. I know it’s ‘The Trea­tise Of Law’... some­thing. ½ point. The cor­rect an­swer is Two Trea­tises On Gov­ern­ment.

5 In Mir­ror Mir­ror, what does Prince Al­cott say to Snow White af­ter she breaks the spell he’s un­der with a True Love kiss?

I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea. Maybe

I blocked it out. I was tied to a chair for that scene and I got hit in the face with a raw fish about 20 times. I will be to­tally hon­est, it was one of those times when I was go­ing, “What the fuck am I do­ing here? I am go­ing to kill my agent!” I was think­ing, “I hope the next time I get hit, I get an aneurysm and die.” In­cor­rect. The cor­rect an­swer is, “The Queen is noth­ing com­pared to you.”

6 Com­plete this line from The So­cial Net­work:

“We can do that our­selves…”

“… I’m 6’5”, 220, and there’s two of me.” I can prob­a­bly com­plete any line from that film, not be­cause I’ve seen it, but be­cause I said ev­ery one of those lines prob­a­bly half a mil­lion times. Cor­rect.

7 In Ge­orge Miller’s un­made Jus­tice League movie, you were Bat­man. Name three of the other five ac­tors play­ing the Jus­tice League.

I can name them all, I still talk to them all. D.J. Cotrona was play­ing Su­per­man, An­ton Yelchin, may he rest in peace, was the Flash, Adam Brody was also the Flash, Hugh Keays-byrne was Mar­tian Man­hunter, Com­mon was gonna play Green Lan­tern, Me­gan Gale was Won­der Woman, San­ti­ago Cabr­era was go­ing to be Aqua­man. Cor­rect.

8 What does U.N.C.L.E. stand for in The Man From U.N.C..L.E.?

United Net­work Com­mand For Law [And] En­force­ment! Cor­rect.

9 What is Jack­son Storm’s race num­ber in Cars 3?

That’s a dirty trick! Jeez... I’m kind of torn, like part of me thinks it’s a sin­gle digit...[but] I feel like there’s a zero in it some­where. How em­bar­rass­ing, as this is the ac­tual film I’m sup­posed to be pro­mot­ing and this is one I don’t know! ½ point. The cor­rect an­swer is 2.0.

10 How many peo­ple does Ord kill in Free Fire?

He def­i­nitely kills the sniper. I think the an­swer is one? [Hears an­swer] So, Ord shoots the shit out of Pa­trick Ber­gin’s char­ac­ter, and he’s dy­ing. He says, “Since it’s you, and I’m dy­ing, I’ll tell you who it is,” and be­fore he’s able to spit it out, Brie Lar­son’s char­ac­ter kills him. So Jus­tine kills him so... zero. In­cor­rect. The cor­rect an­swer is zero. Ord shoots Howie but he is killed by some­one else.

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