“We’re mak­ing the im­pos­si­ble, pos­si­ble”

Di­rec­tor John Krasin­ski on mak­ing big hor­ror noise from a tiny bud­get

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SOME DI­REC­TORS ARE tyrants, rul­ing with an iron fist. John Krasin­ski, how­ever, is more a cheer­leader, en­thus­ing wildly about the cast and crew on his third fea­ture, A Quiet Place. “I prob­a­bly lis­ten to opin­ions too much,” he says. “I love hear­ing ev­ery­body’s ideas and then I make a con­crete de­ci­sion. But all of this stuff just finds its way into the tapestry of the movie.”

Krasin­ski’s lat­est di­rec­to­rial out­ing is a thriller about a ru­ral fam­ily un­der threat from some­thing that hunts by sound. The par­ents (Krasin­ski and real-life wife Emily Blunt) must keep their kids safe and, above all, quiet. “The mo­ment I read the spec, I knew ex­actly what I wanted to do with it. It’s, ‘What would you re­ally do for your kids?’”

Krasin­ski, who also rewrote the script, claims he’s “not a hor­ror guy” and mod­elled the film more af­ter sus­pense clas­sics, from Psy­cho to Rose­mary’s

Baby to Jaws. But the key for him is the al­most mys­ti­cal way that crew, lo­ca­tion and cast came to­gether over the seven-week shoot. “We’re do­ing things that are way out of our bud­get range and we’re mak­ing it work. This crew are mak­ing the im­pos­si­ble, pos­si­ble. They’re mak­ing this movie look like the big­gest movie in the world.” Krasin­ski is al­ready his crew’s big­gest fan. Hope­fully the fin­ished film will show us why.



Above: John Krasin­ski. Di­rec­tor-star Left: Mum un­der duress Emily Blunt. Be­low left: Krasin­ski’s dad is tested to the limit.

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