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THE MA­TRIX TRIL­OGY (1999-2003)

WITH THAT PER­MA­NENTLY down-turned mouth and mag­nif­i­cently fur­rowed brow, Hugo Weav­ing’s Agent Smith is a re­morse­less en­forcer whose re­mit is sim­ply to main­tain cold, hard or­der.

Of course, he’s just an AI pro­gram in a vir­tual re­al­ity de­signed to keep hu­man­ity co­matose. Tech­ni­cally, he shouldn’t even de­spise us, but clearly his files are cor­rupted, as that won­der­ful “I hate this place” speech to Mor­pheus (Lawrence Fish­burne) re­veals. That’s the key to Smith’s ef­fec­tive­ness as a bad­die: he’s not just the epit­ome of an op­pres­sive-regime stooge, but one who hates his job.

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