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Love your publi­ca­tion. Sec­ond time com­menter, long, long time reader. (I ac­tu­ally won a hat for your spine quote this year. Hence, a girl­friend­less film fan.) I’m hop­ing against hope that I’m wrong,

but page 48 of this is­sue has a glo­ri­ous pic of Gover­nor Sch­warzeneg­ger. I’m al­most cer­tain this pic is from his equally glo­ri­ous, yet less lauded film Com­mando, in which he played Col. John Ma­trix. In the pic he has no cammo on his face, which he dis­played in most of Preda­tor (mud not­with­stand­ing, and the Dil­lon/ bi­ceps scene). And that is def­i­nitely the knife he wields when say­ing to Ben­nett, “Let’s party” bone-crunch­ing min­utes be­fore he al­lows Ben­nett to “let off some steam”. Clas­sic Arnie. Hope I’m wrong. LUKEY T, VIA EMAIL

Cheers, Lukey! Would you be­lieve us if we say, “Um, dunno”? You could be right. Oops. P.S. Are you Mr. T’s son?

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