Empire (Australasia) - - REVIEW - JAMES WHITE

He’s an ac­tor, writer and pro­ducer. But how’s The Out­post pro­ducer’s me­mory?

1What is the com­pany Jeff Gold­blum’s David works for in In­de­pen­dence Day called? Oh my gosh! It was a ca­ble com­pany, but I don’t re­mem­ber the name. Was it ACME?

Half a point. The cor­rect an­swer is the Com­pact Ca­ble com­pany.

2What is Jack’s (Kurt Rus­sell) nick­name for Daniel (James Spader) in Star­gate?

Chicken Man! It’s be­cause when Daniel eats the crea­ture, he says it tastes like chicken. There was a mo­ment where it looked like Roland [Em­merich] and I might re­boot the fran­chise as a se­ries of films, but it doesn’t look like it will hap­pen now. Cor­rect.

3. In The Pa­triot, what are the names of the dogs? Ah! Gosh. What were they called? [On hear­ing an­swer] Ah yes! Not the smartest dogs, but the sweet­est. There’s a scene in the movie where they are sup­posed to run along­side the horses, and on the first take one of the dogs darted un­der the legs of one of the horses. Luck­ily, he was okay. It was ter­ri­fy­ing!

The cor­rect an­swer is Jupiter and Mars.

4What type of plants are be­side Dr Okun’s bed­side in In­de­pen­dence Day: Resur­gence? Were they or­chids? Cor­rect.

5What does the French on Reed Cas­sidy’s (Martin Hen­der­son) in­signia in Fly­boys trans­late to? He had the In­dian head, but he also had the other thing... And I can’t re­mem­ber it! [On hear­ing an­swer] Yes! That’s right. The cor­rect an­swer is “Je Vois Tout”, mean­ing, “I See All.”

6Who played the teacher in the fa­mous ‘Mu­seum’ teaser for 1998’s Godzilla?

I be­lieve it’s the brother of the man who plays Mayor Ebert in the movie. I should know this! [On hear­ing an­swer] Ken Lerner! Ken and I were in act­ing class in the ’80s. I cast his brother Michael as the Mayor and we brought Ken in and shot it as a teaser be­fore putting it in the movie.

The cor­rect an­swer is

Ken Lerner.

7In Real Ge­nius, your char­ac­ter Mil­ton cal­cu­lates the ra­tio of guys to girls at Pa­cific Tech. What is it? No idea! [On hear­ing an­swer] There was no part writ­ten for me in the film. I’d tested for the lead role. Martha Coolidge, the di­rec­tor, said she would hire me as an im­prov ac­tor. I worked for four months and thought I had a big part, but when I saw it, I had two lines!

The cor­rect an­swer is a ra­tio of 4.93 to 1.

8What is Ger­ard But­ler’s Jake called when he’s on his way to the ISS in Geostorm?

I have no idea! [On hear­ing an­swer]

I think if you go through my ca­reer, you’re go­ing to see a lot of Bowie ref­er­ences and a lot of Doc­tor Who. The cor­rect an­swer is

Ma­jor Tom.

9You have a cameo in

Cel­lu­lar. Who also cameos, as an irate man in a po­lice sta­tion? That was the head of the stu­dio! Robert Shaye. And his sis­ter Lin is in the movie. Cor­rect.

10What is Andrew Scott’s (Dolph Lund­gren) code num­ber in Uni­ver­sal Soldier? Ah... I know Jean-claude Van Damme’s was 44, be­cause that’s a re­cur­ring num­ber for our stuff. Roland [Em­merich] and I met on the movie Moon 44, so it shows up over and over again. I don’t re­mem­ber Dolph’s. [On hear­ing an­swer] Ah yes! It makes you think of Fri­day the 13th and be­ing un­lucky.

The cor­rect an­swer is GR-13.

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