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AF­TER a week­end hol­i­day­ing at the Big 4 car­a­van park, the thought of go­ing three days with­out any ex­er­cise was daunt­ing.

Keep­ing up with three kids is hard work, reg­u­lar ex­er­cise keeps me en­er­gised so it’s crit­i­cal for my daily func­tion.

The key to stay­ing ac­tive whilst away or out of your nor­mal rou­tine is keep­ing it sim­ple.

The more com­plex or dif­fi­cult you make it to ac­tu­ally get out and ex­er­cise the less likely you are to do it.

So here are five of the best ex­er­cises you can do when you don’t have ac­cess to your usual fit­ness equip­ment. 1. Squats Squats are a very pop­u­lar gym past time and can be done by the most ex­pe­ri­enced gym junkie to the busy mum keep­ing fit. Squats hit all the lower limb ma­jor mus­cles. Glutes (booty) through to the calves.

All round it’s just a great ex­er­cise which trans­fers to many day to day move­ments, so it’s vi­tal to in­clude squats onto your train­ing. Things to work on - Feet shoul­der width apart Toes pointed slightly out Try to bal­ance the weight be­tween your mid foot to heels, Too much weight on the toes may over use your knees and quads.

Fo­cus on stand­ing up straight at the top and con­tract­ing your glutes.

Go down as low as you feel com­fort­able whilst main­tain­ing good form and neu­tral spine pos­ture. 2. Run­ning Sprinting, shut­tle run­ning or just power walk­ing are all ex­cel­lent ways get­ting your heart rate up and chal­leng­ing the mind. Re­mem­ber ev­ery time you go for a run or just get the heart rate up your body re­quires more oxy­gen which is awe­some for ev­ery­thing from our brain, skele­tal mus­cles sys­tem, skin, heart and so much more.

No sin­gle per­son is built the same and our minds all work dif­fer­ently so the kind of run­ning you do is en­tirely up to you. Gen­er­ally speak­ing how­ever, in­ter­val based run­ning is most ben­e­fi­cial for fat loss, to get the best re­sult en­sure that it’s done at a high in­ten­sity. (High in­ten­sity mean­ing you should be out of breathe and have trou­ble main­tain­ing a con­ver­sa­tion). We rec­om­mended HIIT train­ing 2-3 times per week. From 20-60min de­pend­ing on your fit­ness level and abil­ity. Things to work on - Good pair off run­ners Plenty of mus­cle re­leas­ing and stretch­ing of the lower body, hips and lower back. 3. Push ups An ex­cel­lent chest, arms and shoul­der ex­er­cise.

It’s just one you can do any­where at any time. Key things to note when you are do­ing push ups is that de­pend­ing on what level you are, is whether you should at­tempt them on your knees or toes or el­e­vated off a bench. Toes are de­fi­antly more chal­lenge so take some time to prac­tice and build up. Things to work on - Plac­ing your hands around shoul­der width apart and en­sure when you lower your el­bows aren’t di­rectly at right an­gles, they should be an­gled slightly into your sides, so not to load up your shoul­ders too much and em­pha­sise the right mus­cles.

Com­ing down keep your hips up or at least level with your shoul­ders to pre­vent load­ing your back and not util­is­ing your core.

How deep you go de­pend on your strength and ex­pe­ri­ence, lower you go the harder it will be to come back up and this will make the ex­er­cise more chal­leng­ing.

Keep your neck in line with your spine so no stretch­ing up or drop­ping the head down. 4. Step ups Yes you might ask, so where are you go­ing to do step ups with­out no equip­ment. But you don’t need no step up box or fancy gym steps to do them. I find a lot of in­spi­ra­tion in kids play grounds, there is so much equip­ment there you can adapt for your work­out. There are steps ev­ery­where in most play­grounds and kids are happy to share and even some­times help you out with your work­out. Things to work on - Fo­cus on keep­ing your knee in line with your toe when push­ing up and low­er­ing down.

At the top bring your hip all the way up so you are up right.

Then your low­er­ing faze make it as slow and con­trolled as pos­si­ble. 5. Burpees All coaches love to throw burpee’s into most work­outs and for good rea­son.. They are such a great full body work­out.

An­other one that can be done any­where at any time.

You can make the burpee as easy or as hard as you want. If you haven’t been at our boot­camp yet and we haven’t made you do them I will try my best to ex­plain.

Stand­ing up, you squat down and place your hands next to your feet. Now your up­per body is sup­ported by your hands you kick your legs back so you are stretched out in a push up po­si­tion. That’s one half of your burpee and now you do the rest in re­verse. Bring your legs back up to your hands, with your best up (not rough­ing your back) squat back to an up­right po­si­tion and then add a jump at the end. If you do a set of 20 you will de­fi­antly feel the burn. Things to work on - Hand plant next to feet Keep your hips up when kick­ing back,

En­sure lower back is in a neu­tral po­si­tion be­fore you stand up.

Train­ing should never be put on hold just be­cause you have gone on hol­i­days, in fact in most cases we have more time on hol­i­days, so what bet­ter way to spend time with the fam­ily than get­ting out­side and mov­ing for just 30min each morn­ing.

Plus, putting off your train­ing only makes it harder to jump back into when you do come back and have to face the post-hol­i­day com­mit­ments such as work and life. But our hol­i­day work­outs don’t have to be 1hr long. Just a 30min40min work­out will be enough to keep the ball rolling un­til you get back. Try this: Push ups Squats Step ups Burpees Do 10 of each ex­er­cise plus a short sprint 20-100mtrs, the re­peat this with 9,8,7 reps and so on un­til you get to 1 of each.

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