Rohrlach wins both cham­pi­onships

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IN hot and sticky con­di­tions lo­cal clay tar­get shooter Tony Rohrlach pro­duced an out­stand­ing ef­fort to win both cham­pi­onship events at the Vi­o­let Town Range on Sun­day, Jan­uary 8.

The Dou­ble Bar­rel Cham­pi­onship went to 58 tar­gets be­fore St James Shooter Peter Gor­rie missed his tar­get hand­ing the cham­pi­onship to Tony.

The Dou­ble Rise Cham­pi­onship, where you have to shoot a pair of tar­get thrown, also pro­duced a shoot off with both Tony and Mans­field’s Marty McLach­lan tied on 35/40.

Af­ter a fur­ther five pair were thrown, Tony held a one point ad­van­tage and was de­clared the win­ner.

Re­sults: 25t Point Score Sweep­stake Event

AA Grade: R. Stack­house ( Euroa) 75/ 75; D. Clark (Mans­field) 73/75; A. Rohrlach (Euroa) 71/75

A Grade: P. McKen­drick (Euroa) 74/75; S. Wells (Euroa) 71/ 75; A. Plum ( Be­nalla) 71/75

B Grade: M. McLach­lan (Mans­field) 67/75; I. Tow­ers (Euroa) 67/75; P. Gor­rie (St James) 65/75

C Grade: G. Cros­bie (Euroa) 60/75; C. Petersen (Alexan­dra) 50/ 75; J. Win­ters (Mans­field) 49/75

Re­sults: 25t ‘ Sum­mer’ D/B Cham­pi­onship

1st AA Grade and O/A: A. Rohrlach (Euroa) 59/59

2nd AA Grade: S. Tow­ers (Euroa) 37/38

1st A Grade: A. Plum (Be­nalla) 34/35

2nd A Grade: R. Barns (Euroa) 33/35

1st B Grade: P. Gor­rie (St James) 58/59

2nd B Grade: L. McDon­ald (Euroa) 24/25

1st C Grade: J. Win­ters (Mans­field) 22/25

2nd C Grade: C. Petersen (Alexan­dra) 19/25

Re­sults: 20pair ‘Sum­mer’ D/Rise Cham­pi­onship

1st AA Grade and O/A: A. Rohrlach (Euroa) 42/50

2nd AA Grade: S. Tow­ers (Euroa) 31/40

1st A Grade: J. King (Euroa) 32/40

2nd A Grade: G. McLure (Alexan­dra) 31/40

1st B Grade: M. McLach­lan (Mans­field)) 41/50

2nd B Grade: Joanne Ford (St James) 29/40

1st C Grade: J. Win­ters (Mans­field) 27/40

2nd C Grade: C. Petersen (Alexan­dra) 23/40

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