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Robyn Neville Euroa

THANKS to The Euroa Gazette for run­ning the story on the con­cerns of my­self and many lo­cals on the Nagam­bie V/Line bus stop changes as from this week.

Whereby V/Line made the de­ci­sion to sup­port the Strath­bo­gie Shire Coun­cil’s plan for more an­gle park­ing for tourists in their streetscape scheme.

Not check­ing with many lo­cals who need the ser­vice if that was okay be­fore­hand.

Eight weeks ago, I wrote about this con­cern to the Nagam­bie Park­ing Work­ing Group via the Strath­bo­gie Shire, and about the pick up and drop off zone for the school buses in High Street, and where will emer­gency ser­vice ve­hi­cles such as am­bu­lance, po­lice, CFA pull in among the an­gle park­ing spots to pro­vide their nec­es­sary ser­vices to the com­mu­nity. No re­ply on these mat­ters. I believe more thought, com­mon sense and fur­ther pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion needs to be con­sid­ered by the Nagam­bie Park­ing Work­ing group and shire be­fore im­ple­ment­ing any­more wrong de­ci­sions that could cause traf­fic haz­ards.

Such as, where will the two monthly mar­ket stall hold­ers park their ve­hi­cles and trail­ers after the an­gle park­ing come in?

They block most car parks now for lo­cals each mar­ket day.

Also con­sid­er­a­tion is needed about the dan­ger­ous bot­tle­neck at the High and Goul­burn streets round­about, caused by merg­ing traf­fic hav­ing to merge sharply from two lanes into one be­fore the round­about. An up­date on the bus re­lo­ca­tion sit­u­a­tion. Steph Ryan (MLA, Euroa) asked the Min­is­ter for Trans­port, Jac­inta Allan, in the Vic­to­rian Par­lia­ment last fort­night, about this loss of the bus stop in High Street, and the move of the stop to the sta­tion.

Ms Allan has 30 days to re­ply from the day Steph Ryan ques­tioned her.

I wrote to Mr J McKe­own of V/Line, North East re­gional man­ager, and Ms Allan about the con­cerns of Nagam­bie folk who need the ser­vice left where it is, but have re­ceived no re­ply.

Yet Mr McKe­own’s name ap­pears on me­dia re­leases in the Nagam­bie Com­mu­nity Voice say­ing V/Line sup­ports the shires park­ing plans by mov­ing the bus stop.

But there has been no re­ply to the letters sent to him by me or other con­cerned lo­cals or by Ms Allan.

Over the past year, for med­i­cal/hos­pi­tal­i­sa­tion rea­sons, I have been grounded three times, and not able to drive for some months at a time.

This has made me re­liant on the V/Line bus and train to get to med­i­cal/hospi­tal ap­point­ments in Mel­bourne. Walk­ing to the sta­tion would now be a no, no. John (nearly 71) and I (69) are pen­sion­ers. We work part time to pay off a house mort­gage, med­i­cal and hospi­tal bills, high rates and elec­tric­ity and fuel bills like many oth­ers and we find that our cost of liv­ing is get­ting harder, and the more we can save the bet­ter.

Es­pe­cially in fuel sav­ings and trans­port to Mel­bourne thus sav­ing us from high pub­lic park­ing fees.

Now the Nagam­bie taxi ser­vice is to be dis­con­tin­ued due to lack of fi­nan­cial vi­a­bil­ity.

This will be another blow to those folk who use this ser­vice to trans­port them to and from the sta­tion or to Seymour sta­tion to catch the trains there.

It is no good hav­ing four ex­tra V Line train ser­vices on the Shep­par­ton line of a week­end; this won’t help the ones who need to go to Mel­bourne or Seymour for many rea­sons via the bus stop in High Street a few times daily through the week.

I am go­ing to ask V/Line’s Mr McKe­own and Ms Allan to come and visit Nagam­bie and talk to those very con­cerned peo­ple about this move and what it means to them.

Let’s see if they will do this for the ben­e­fit of the Nagam­bie folk de­pen­dent on this ser­vice.

Diane Grant, Nagam­bie

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