Carpal Tun­nel Syn­drome

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Carpal Tun­nel Syn­drome is a rel­a­tively com­mon con­di­tion that causes a tin­gling sen­sa­tion, numb­ness and some­times pain in the hand and fin­gers. Usu­ally, these sen­sa­tions de­velop grad­u­ally and worsen dur­ing the night. They tend to af­fect the thumb, in­dex fin­ger and mid­dle fin­ger.

The carpal tun­nel is a nar­row pas­sage way in the wrist, which opens into the hand. It is sur­rounded by the bones of the wrist (un­der­neath) and the trans­verse carpal lig­a­ment (across the top). The me­dian nerve runs through the carpal tun­nel and gives feel­ing to the thumb, fore­fin­ger, mid­dle fin­ger and half of the ring fin­ger. Many ten­dons also pass through this carpal tun­nel and if any swelling oc­curs, the large me­dian nerve can eas­ily be compressed, caus­ing Carpal Tun­nel Syn­drome.

Any­thing that causes swelling in­side the wrist can cause Carpal Tun­nel Syn­drome, in­clud­ing repet­i­tive hand move­ments, preg­nancy, arthri­tis, di­a­betes and thy­roid gland im­bal­ance.

Treat­ment may in­clude: • Rest for the af­fected hand

• Phys­io­ther­apy

• Wear­ing splints on the af­fected wrist and hand at night

• Cor­ti­cos­te­riod in­jec­tions and di­uretic med­i­ca­tion.

Surgery may be re­quired if non-sur­gi­cal treat­ments fails to relieve the symp­toms. It may also be used if there is a risk of per­ma­nent nerve dam­age.

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