Low Calo­rie Diet-For Weight Loss

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In­ter­me­di­ate fast­ing 2 days in a week, for ex­am­ple Mon­day & Thurs­day, can be one of the ef­fec­tive ways to lose weight. That means not eat­ing any­thing while the sun is up. Aim to re­strict your calo­rie in­take about 600 per day, which is less than quar­ter of the other 5 days. Di­vide it into 2 por­tions - one for breakfast be­fore sun­rise & other por­tion af­ter sun­set. There should be enough pro­tein in the breakfast & car­bo­hy­drate af­ter sun­rise, op­po­site of what we usu­ally do. This makes you get used to the low calo­rie in­take, without crav­ing the food. A study was per­formed in ru­ral WA, where peo­ple with newly di­ag­nosed di­a­betes went to live with an indige­nous community for 3 months, they lived ex­actly as the indige­nous did “liv­ing off the land” hunt­ing and cook­ing their own food etc. The bi­o­log­i­cal mark­ers be­fore and af­ter travel dra­mat­i­cally changed and al­most all of their di­a­betes went back to a nor­mal level. This is one of the best ex­am­ples of Obe­sity due to the curse of civ­i­liza­tion. The aim is to get food di­rectly from na­ture rather than pro­cessed food off the shelf. Grow your own fruit & veg­eta­bles, catch the fish your­self & cook it where you can. That used to be the life­style in the olden days! The more we con­sume pro­cessed food, the more we are har­bour­ing dis­eases, as we don’t know ex­actly what we are eat­ing. The aim is to man­age long time sus­tained ideal body weight, rather than crash di­et­ing.

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