Of­fen­sive and ig­no­rant


Jim David­son, Terip Terip

I HAVE stopped be­ing sur­prised that any­one could ob­ject to chang­ing our na­tional day to a date that does not bring sor­row and of­fence to many of our In­dige­nous peo­ple.

How­ever, I am ap­palled at the of­fen­sive­ness and ig­no­rance dis­played by Ce­celia Moore in her let­ter last week where she stated that, “We brought Chris­tian­ity to the var­i­ous In­dige­nous clans through­out our land, and they should be grate­ful for that….” (Gazette, Novem­ber 1).

By “we” and “our” land, I as­sume she means “white Euro­peans”?

The old ar­gu­ment of “terra nul­lius”, mean­ing “land be­long­ing to no one”, was over­turned in the Mabo Land Rights when a de­ci­sion was handed down in 1992.

It is not valid to claim this, ei­ther legally or morally.

This at­ti­tude jus­ti­fied the wide­spread dis­pos­ses­sion of lands, slaugh­ter, poi­son­ing and rape, hardly Chris­tian be­hav­iours.

The mo­tives were not reli­gious but purely ve­nal.

The prac­tice of Chris­tian­is­ing the “na­tive peo­ple” was based on a pa­ter­nal­is­tic and racist be­lief that the in­dige­nous peo­ples were hea­then sav­ages, an in­fe­rior race, and that we know what is best for them.

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