How of­ten do you have to go to your fa­ther for ad­vice?


Mark Ed­wards, UK Never, be­cause he gives rubbish ad­vice – he comes to me for ad­vice. No, I’m teas­ing. It’s rare that I go to him for per­sonal ad­vice – he’s not that kind of dad. We have nice fa­ther-daugh­ter chats, but in terms of pro­fes­sional ad­vice, we talk all the time. There’s so much I can learn from him, so I talk to him all the time about what’s go­ing on, par­tic­u­larly on the commercial side. He’s over­seen that side of the team for so many years through difcult times and he al­ways kept us rac­ing. What I learn from Dad is more than I can learn from most people. So I take a lot of his ad­vice.

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