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Your es­sen­tial F1 brief­ing #4: Friend­ship

Ooh! Get him!

Ooh! Get him!

Thus, it seems, the end of a beau­ti­ful friend­ship. Well it does liven up the post-race ‘green room’ when there’s a bit of mu­tual loathing on dis­play. Do say: It’s like Prost and Senna all over again

Don’t say: Don’t go there, girl­friend!

Name Friend­ship Age As old as the very pil­lars of the earth Ap­pear­ance Mu­tual af­fec­tion is a joy that sim­ply can­not be il­lus­trated.

Did you know that in An­cient Greece, friend­ship was seen as an en­large­ment of the self, dis­coursed upon at length by such ven­er­a­ble thinkers as Aris­to­tle and Plato?

Ev­ery day’s a school day. But I’m not sure F1 driv­ers need chums to in­flate their egos.

Is that why they don’t hang out with one an­other any more? Pity. What­ever hap­pened to the days when Jim Clark and Jackie Ste­wart were like Bat­man and Robin? Why can’t they all just get along and go on hol­i­day to­gether like they used to?

Per­haps they spend too much of their for­ma­tive years play­ing com­puter games? Maybe the stakes are just too high? Any­how, looks like one of F1’s most trum­peted friend­ships, that of Lewis Hamil­ton and Nico Ros­berg, has hit the skids.

Aw, bless. Didn’t they go kart­ing to­gether when they were kid­dies?

Those were more in­no­cent times, alas. Now they’re team-mates again it’s all mindgames and hand­bags. Nico didn’t much like be­ing beaten by Lewis for four races on the trot. Then Lewis con­fided to the press that Nico’s “hunger is dif­fer­ent” be­cause he “grew up in Monaco with jets and boats”. Then Nico had a lit­tle trippy-up­sie in qual­i­fy­ing for Monaco, stopped Lewis get­ting pole, then won the race.

You don’t sup­pose this is an­other one of Bernie’s wheezes to ‘im­prove the show’, do you?

I have no doubt that af­ter the cam­eras stop rolling they have a good laugh, heartily slap one an­other on the back, then head off down the pub for a cou­ple of rounds of pool…

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