Sir Stir­ling Moss

on Sir Jack Brab­ham (ri­vals 1955-61)

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Jack was al­ways very com­pet­i­tive when­ever we were to­gether on the track, but it was al­ways great rac­ing. He was clean, but he wouldn’t give an inch. There were times when he would go be­yond the edge of the track to try to throw rocks up at you, but apart from that he was a clean driver. He was very help­ful, too. In Aus­tralia in the early 1950s, my drive­shaft broke and Jack said to me: “Take the one off my spare car.” That was the sort of per­son he was: a very good sports­man, good com­pany, a good friend and, if we were play­ing around or do­ing any­thing like that, al­ways good for a laugh.

He was also a bloody good en­gi­neer. I would work with my me­chanic to get the car the way I wanted it, but he had the ca­pa­bil­ity to do it him­self. And that knowl­edge gave him the suc­cess of be­ing the first driver/constructor pair­ing to win the world cham­pi­onship with the Brab­ham-Repco in 1966. With that he al­ways wanted to beat Fer­rari – and me as well.

He was quoted once as say­ing how much he learnt from me, but it’s fair to say that we learnt from each other. You would al­ways fol­low other driv­ers closely and watch your com­peti­tors’ lines. If Jack had a dif­fer­ent line, I’d mod­ify my ap­proach to see if it suited me. We were away ev­ery week against one an­other in all sorts of races, so we were very close.

He’s left a great legacy. He will be missed and with his pass­ing, mo­tor rac­ing has truly lost one of its great­est com­peti­tors: you had to work damn hard to beat him.

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