What caused you to be so un­set­tled at McLaren in 2007? Was it Lewis’s speed? Or be­cause the team wasn’t 100 per cent be­hind you?

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Jean Alesi

I think that even if Lewis was fast – at the time some peo­ple said he was the fastest, even faster than me – I prob­a­bly don’t agree on that. The year was quite close. Dur­ing one part of the mid­dle of the year, Lewis was faster than me and I think at one point he was about 30 points ahead of me [after round 8, the French GP, Hamil­ton led Fer­nando by 14 points, the largest mar­gin that year], but by the end of the year, even with Fuji, where I didn’t nish the race, I think over­all I had a lit­tle bit of a pace ad­van­tage over the whole year. The thing that didn’t work in 2007 is that with the team we didn’t share the same ob­jec­tives, the same ap­proach. We did at the be­gin­ning of the year, but after four or ve races they changed their minds a lit­tle bit. I give 110 per cent to any team that I race for. If I don’t get 110 per cent, or we don’t share the same phi­los­o­phy of rac­ing and rac­ing for vic­to­ries, it be­comes tough to keep work­ing to­gether.

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