Ital­ian Grand Prix stats


The low­down on ev­ery­thing you need to know from the week­end at Monza


THE RACE THE RE­SULTS (53 LAPS) 1st Mercedes 2nd Mercedes 3rd Wil­liams 4th Wil­liams 5th Red Bull 6th Red Bull 7th Force In­dia 8th McLaren 9th Fer­rari 10th McLaren 11th Toro Rosso + 12th Force In­dia 13th Toro Rosso 14th Lo­tus 15th Sauber 16th Lo­tus 17th Cater­ham 18th Marus­sia 19th Cater­ham 20th Sauber


Fer­rari Marus­sia


TYRE COM­POUNDS USED 1h19m 10.236s +3.175s +25.026s +40.768s +50.309s +59.965s +62.518s +63.063s +63.535s +66.171s* 71.184s +72.606s +73.093s +1 lap +1 lap +1 lap +1 lap +1 lap +2 laps +2 laps** 28 laps – power unit

5 laps – spin




DRIV­ERS’ STAND­INGS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Mercedes 454pts Red Bull 272pts Wil­liams 177pts Fer­rari 162pts McLaren 110pts Force In­dia 109pts Toro Rosso 19pts Lo­tus 8pts Mercedes Mercedes Red Bull Wil­liams Fer­rari Red Bull McLaren Force In­dia Wil­liams

Fer­rari Force In­dia McLaren Toro Rosso Lo­tus Toro Rosso Marus­sia Sauber Cater­ham Lo­tus Sauber Marus­sia Cater­ham Cater­ham

CON­STRUC­TORS’ STAND­INGS 9th 10th 11th Marus­sia Sauber Cater­ham 238pts 216pts 166pts 122pts 121pts 106pts 72pts 70pts 55pts 41pts 39pts 38pts 11pts 8pts 8pts 2pts 0pts 0pts 0pts 0pts 0pts 0pts 0pts 2pts 0pts 0pts For com­pre­hen­sive F1 statis­tics visit

Re­tire­ments Fer­nando Alonso Max Chilton Fastest: Daniel Ric­cia­rdo, 224.99mph

Sunny Lewis Hamil­ton Nico Ros­berg Felipe Massa Valt­teri Bot­tas Daniel Ric­cia­rdo Se­bas­tian Vet­tel Ser­gio Pérez Jen­son But­ton Kimi Räikkö­nen Kevin Mag­nussen Daniil Kvyat Nico Hülken­berg Jean-Eric Vergne Pas­tor Mal­don­ado Adrian Su­til Ro­main Grosjean Ka­mui Kobayashi Jules Bianchi Mar­cus Eric­s­son Este­ban Gu­tiér­rez Slow­est: Adrian Su­til, 204.49mph

In­ter­me­di­ate Wet

Lewis Hamil­ton, lap 29, 1min28.004secs

Kevin Mag­nussen, 24.214secs (en­try to exit) Nico Ros­berg Lewis Hamil­ton Daniel Ric­cia­rdo Valt­teri Bot­tas Fer­nando Alonso Se­bas­tian Vet­tel Jen­son But­ton Nico Hülken­berg Felipe Massa Kimi Räikkö­nen Ser­gio Pérez Kevin Mag­nussen Jean-Eric Vergne Ro­main Grosjean Daniil Kvyat Jules Bianchi Adrian Su­til Mar­cus Eric­s­son Pas­tor Mal­don­ado Este­ban Gu­tiér­rez Max Chilton Ka­mui Kobayashi An­dré Lot­terer

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