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“Af­ter Frank Wil­liams had his road-car ac­ci­dent, ev­ery­thing turned to shit. Me and Mansell should have been work­ing to­gether to de­velop the ac­tive sus­pen­sion, but it turned into a big ght. I tried to leave mid-sea­son. In 1987 it was just ridicu­lous. He would al­ways take th­ese crazy risks. In those days you had to con­serve the tyres, the fuel and the brakes and it was im­por­tant to take it easy to get to the nish.

“I had a big ac­ci­dent early in 1987. I didn’t want the team to take me out of the car so I lied, but I ac­tu­ally lost my depth of vi­sion. That’s why I was so bloody slow and why Mansell was quicker than me the rest of the sea­son.”

“Honda were at their re­spon­sive and cre­ative best in 1987, and Pa­trick Head was in to­tal com­mand at Did­cot, man­ag­ing not only the B-ver­sion of the ex­cel­lent 1986 car but also Honda devel­op­ment.

“We had great spon­sors and two very fast driv­ers. Nel­son was num­ber one but Frank had ne­glected to tell Nigel that he was num­ber two. Nel­son was pol­ished and savvy; Nigel was a bel­liger­ent artist. Thus we tip­toed be­tween the two. Nel­son won on points – but the ti­tle, on pace, should have been Nigel’s: a bro­ken ex­haust cost us nine points at Monaco and a loose wheel nut a cer­tain one-two in Hun­gary.”

Nel­son Pi­quet: Peter Wind­sor (Wil­liams manager of spon­sor­ship and public af­fairs in 1987):

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