How does it feel for you and Max Ver­stap­pen to regularly out­per­form the se­nior Red Bull Team?


Thomas Guil­foyle, USA Regularly? We do it some­times. It feels very weird as Red Bull should al­ways be in front of Toro Rosso and it’s strange when it hap­pens. Peo­ple say I’m lucky that the Toro Rosso is such a good car, but it’s not great when I’m asked to beat some­one called Daniel Ric­cia­rdo or Daniil Kvyat in a team that has four times the re­sources of mine. Yes, it’s good, but in another way it shouldn’t re­ally be hap­pen­ing and I don’t want it to be­come a trend.

Toro Rosso’s Car­los Sainz leads Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat at the 2015 Span­ish Grand Prix

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