What was your first thought af­ter your Monaco crash?

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Lee David­son, UK I just tried to get out of the car as fast as pos­si­ble. And then af­ter that, I don’t know, I just wanted to have a drink of wa­ter as I was a bit thirsty. When the ac­ci­dent was hap­pen­ing it felt as if it was go­ing on for about ten sec­onds, but of course it’s not like that at all. In the car you hold your­self very tight. My father told me that when you have a frontal im­pact you should keep your hands on the wheel, so you ab­sorb the force of the crash a bit. That helped me be­cause I only had a lit­tle bruise, but if I’d re­leased my hands from the wheel I would have a lot of bruis­ing be­neath my belts. When you have a side im­pact, if the wheel turns a lit­tle bit it can break your thumb or wrist, so you must let go. But head-on, hold it.

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