En­ergy dis­si­pated

Turn 1 Sta­tis­tics

Ini­tial speed Fi­nal speed Stop­ping dis­tance Brak­ing time Max­i­mum de­cel­er­a­tion Max­i­mum pedal load Brak­ing power

329km/h 86km/h 141m 1.57 sec 5.4g 155kg 2828kW

Sepang is rated as a medium-level brak­ing cir­cuit, on a par with Al­bert Park, Bu­dapest, Baku, Monaco and Spiel­berg. The main is­sue is heat. The am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture over race week­end is usu­ally in the low-30s: deter­min­ing the cor­rect size air-cool­ing ducts for the brakes here is cru­cial. From the start to the che­quered flag, each driver ap­plies a to­tal load of 50 tonnes on the pedal, the same weight as 460 Malaysian tigers.

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