Will 2017 be your last year with Toro Rosso?


Hass Mon­soor, Aus­tralia

It’s a very difcult ques­tion to an­swer, but log­i­cally you would have to say yes be­cause no one has had a fourth year with Toro Rosso. I feel I am will­ing to push Red Bull and every­one in Toro Rosso for them to give me the chance to go to an­other team. I think they be­lieve I can drive for other teams. I think even Toro Rosso would be happy for me, be­cause it means we’ve done an­other good year in 2017 and it means they’ve de­vel­oped me to be­come a top driver. So I think it would be good news for every­one.

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