En­ergy dis­si­pated

Turn 1 Sta­tis­tics

Ini­tial speed Fi­nal speed Stop­ping dis­tance Brak­ing time Max­i­mum de­cel­er­a­tion Max­i­mum pedal load Brak­ing power

343km/h 98km/h 137m 1.42 sec 5.5g 165kg 2527kW

The Autó­dromo José Car­los Pace is easy on brakes – on a par with Sil­ver­stone. That’s not to say there is no heavy brak­ing here: at Curve 1 the cars ar­rive at 340km/h and brake for 1.42s as they drop to 98km/h. Driv­ers are sub­jected to a de­cel­er­a­tion of 5.5g as the cars travel 137m, or just over the height of the Martinelli Build­ing, the first sky­scraper built in Brazil.

of the season, mov­ing them above Manor at the lower end of the con­struc­tors’ stand­ings. At both ends of the world cham­pi­onship ta­bles, it was to be drama to the very last.

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