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Pirelli have been given a set of re­quire­ments this sea­son to ad­dress the prob­lem, and have been told to pro­duce tyres on which drivers can race hard through­out a grand prix. One of the big ques­tions hang­ing over the sea­son is: will Pirelli suc­ceed and what will F1 do about it if not? stay sta­ble, even­tu­ally per­for­mance is go­ing to con­verge. It was be­cause we weren’t sure that it was the right way for F1.”

Red Bull have been putting for­ward the op­pos­ing view, that F1 needs the rule change to spice things up and make the cars more spec­tac­u­lar. They claim that ev­ery­thing had got to the point where it seemed just a bit too safe.

Even Wolff ad­mits: “The cars, cer­tainly in the windtunnel, look very spec­tac­u­lar, very wide with the big tyres, and I am per­son­ally very ex­cited to see them on track for the rst time.

“For the drivers it will be much harder; the cars will be pulling more G through the cor­ners. The sim­u­la­tions that we have seen are very ex­cit­ing. Cor­ners will be at that are far from at to­day, and we will be break­ing records in terms of lap time. So, I guess, an ex­cit­ing sea­son will be ahead of us.

“I hope that the over­tak­ing is not go­ing to be too difcult be­cause of the width of the car and the dirty air be­hind it, but let’s see. In hind­sight, now that we are where we are, we have to make the best of it.”

Not every­one agrees that the look of the cars has been as care­fully con­sid­ered as it might have been, how­ever. The wider-tyre, wider-track look was based on the cars of 1991-92. But those cars had body­work that was 1,400mm wide mated with a two-me­tre track.

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