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The news of Bernie Ec­cle­stone’s ‘re­moval’ as CEO of For­mula 1 last month came as no great sur­prise.

As soon as the Lib­erty Me­dia deal was an­nounced in 2016 it seemed un­likely that an 86-year-old with an in­abil­ity to grasp so­cial me­dia, and an al­most vice-like grip over the sport, would have any fu­ture with a mod­ern-day me­dia com­pany.

Sen­si­bly, as soon as the buy­out was con­firmed, Lib­erty acted swiftly, mov­ing Bernie aside and re­plac­ing him with a trio of peo­ple to take the sport into a new era.

I can’t wait to see what Lib­erty bring to the ta­ble, but let’s hope they strike a bal­ance be­tween nec­es­sary im­prove­ment and re­tain­ing the essence and his­tory of what made F1 great in the first place. Steve Walker By email

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