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He should have known bet­ter. Not for the first time (nor the last), Da­mon’s at­tempt to pass Michael Schu­macher – on this oc­ca­sion, at Pri­ory cor­ner – ended in con­tro­versy. Both were out of the race on the spot – and this time the blame was placed di­rectly on Hill.

“That was shock­ing. [‘There is a gap…’ we prompt] There would have been more of a gap if he’d not moved across so de­ter­minedly. It would have been in­ter­est­ing if we’d had driver stew­ards back then. They’d prob­a­bly have given me a 20-place grid penalty and a £100,000 ne! But I gen­uinely thought he’d opened the door and if I stuck my car there he couldn’t shut it – but he did. [‘And he saw you com­ing…’ we prompt again] Well… maybe!”

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