John Deere 76ft Air Hoe Drill Claas Ar­ion 400 trac­tor up­grades

John Deere has brought out a 76-foot ver­sion of its 1870 Air Hoe Drill

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John Deere has re­leased a large 23m (76-foot) 1870 Air Hoe Drill, which joins the ex­ist­ing 12m (40-foot) and 17m (56-foot) models and al­lows small grains and oil seed pro­duc­ers to plant more acres quickly and ac­cu­rately.

John Deere Seed­ing Group mar­ket­ing man­ager John Peters says the air seeder has many new fea­tures de­signed to im­prove seed and fer­tiliser place­ment, depth and pres­sure con­trol.

“The new 76-foot model 1870 of­fers a time-sav­ing 36 per cent in­crease in seed­ing width, bet­ter residue flow ca­pa­bil­i­ties, and im­proved seed­ing and fer­tiliser place­ment and con­trol,” Peters says. “Also, with the new re­tractable open­ers for eas­ier ser­vic­ing and im­proved trans­port, cus­tomers will gain more pro­duc­tiv­ity when seed­ing small grains and oil seeds.

“When com­bined with a John Deere air cart and used on rolling, un­du­lat­ing ter­rain, this is one of the most ac­cu­rate, pro­duc­tive air seed­ing sys­tems avail­able.”

The 76-foot 1870 is a five-sec­tion seeder with 305mm (12-inch) row spac­ing, com­pat­i­ble with 430 bushel tow-be­tween and 430 or 550 bushel tow-be­hind John Deere seed carts.

Clog­ging is al­le­vi­ated through in­creased frame height and 1422mm (56-inch) of spac­ing be­tween each rank, which John Deere says is nearly 508mm (20-inch) more space com­pared to other seed­ers.

Other fea­tures worth not­ing are: a float­ing front hitch and wings with a range of 25 de­grees of flex; high-flota­tion tyres; in­de­pen­dent hy­draulic con­trols; and cam levers on each opener to make it eas­ier for the op­er­a­tor to ad­just seed depth across the en­tire seeder.

The ‘TruSet’ depth and pres­sure con­trol lets the op­er­a­tor mon­i­tor, set and ad­just trip force and pack­ing pres­sure from the trac­tor cab. Con­trolled through a Green­Star 2630 dis­play, it lets op­er­a­tors set tar­get seed­ing depth and ad­just it on the go.

“An­other new fea­ture on this ma­chine is our own ‘Rel­a­tive Flow’ block­age sys­tem that al­lows the op­er­a­tor to mon­i­tor the rel­a­tive flow rate of both seed and fer­tiliser from the cab,” Peters says.

The John Deere 1910 Air Carts have also been up­dated and now fea­ture an ‘Air Power 2’ op­tion that uses two in­de­pen­dently con­trolled fans to de­liver up to 249kg (550 pounds) of to­tal prod­uct per acre (0.40 hectares) across the full width of the air seeder.

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