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New smaller-ca­pac­ity link­age sprayers re­leased by BA Pumps and Sprayers

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The new BA Pumps and Sprayers LS Se­ries link­age sprayers have been launched to keen in­ter­est at both the Henty and El­more ma­chin­ery field days.

Avail­able in two sizes, the 1000-litre LS1000 and 1300-litre LS1300 in­clude all of the proven fea­tures of their big brother, the 1900-litre Cropchief – which Tech­ni­cal Ed­i­tor Tom

Dick­son re­viewed favourably back in July 2015 (to read the story see­mBA).

Stan­dard fea­tures on the new LS Se­ries in­clude a PTO-driven Ber­tolini poly pump with 126L/min delivery, and a 12m or 15m BA Su­per-X heavy-duty gal­vanised hy­draulic fold­ing boom with dual air bag sus­pen­sion.

A ba­sic con­trol box comes stan­dard but can be up­graded at an ex­tra cost of $3300 for a TeeJet 844E au­to­matic rate con­troller – or $6125 will get you the top-of-the-range Hexagon AGTi5, which re­duces cabin clut­ter by com­bin­ing au­to­matic spray rate con­trol and GPS guid­ance all on one screen.

BA Group Aus­tralia re­gional man­ager Daniel Pea­cock says the new range was a year and a half in devel­op­ment.

“Some of the key im­prove­ments on the new LS se­ries are a new hop­per de­sign, the group­ing of all the op­er­at­ing func­tions into one cen­tral op­er­a­tor’s sta­tion, the ad­di­tion of some stor­age points for the hy­draulic hoses, and the in­stal­la­tion of an easy-to-read tank-level sight tube,” he says.

“As a re­sult, the LS se­ries is a much eas­ier to op­er­ate sprayer de­liv­ered in a smaller pack­age.”

The new hop­per is fully in­te­grated into the side of the ma­chine. Pre­vi­ously, BA sprayers used an Ital­ian-made, bolt-on in­duc­tion hop­per. Now the com­pany man­u­fac­tures its own from the same poly com­pound as the tank.

It is hinged at the bot­tom, al­low­ing it to pivot into a re­cessed cav­ity in the main spray tank when not in use. The ob­vi­ous ben­e­fit of this style is that it can’t be knocked off on gate­ways or other ob­sta­cles.

The Ro­tor-Mix 30 chem­i­cal hop­per folds out to a com­fort­able work­ing height, is fit­ted with hop­per and con­tainer rins­ing noz­zles, and is ca­pa­ble of han­dling liq­uid, pow­der, and gran­u­lar prod­ucts.

As Pea­cock says, the valves and taps have been mounted to­gether on a cen­tral con­trol sta­tion di­rectly un­der­neath the hop­per. With­out hav­ing to move around, the op­er­a­tor can switch from spray mode to in­duc­tion mode, re­di­rect flow from the main tank to the flush tank for clean­ing the pump and noz­zles, and drain the spray tank.

It is no co­in­ci­dence that ev­ery func­tion of the sprayer can be ac­cessed from the clearly la­belled con­trol point on the left-hand side of the ma­chine, which is the same side that the driver gets in and out of the trac­tor.

Fork pock­ets built into the base of the frame al­low the unit to be trans­ported on a front-end loader with­out the risk of slip­ping. They also act as a sta­ble base on which the sprayer sits when it’s not at­tached to the trac­tor, and elim­i­nate the use of un­sta­ble leg stands.

Hy­draulic hose hold­ers fit­ted to the front of the frame guar­an­tee the end con­nec­tions stay safely stored out of the dirt. The frame has been kept nar­row to get as much of the sprayer’s weight as close as pos­si­ble to the rear of the trac­tor, al­low­ing smaller trac­tors to op­er­ate the ma­chine safely.

Prices range from $27,930 for the LS1000 with a 12m Su­per-X boom, up to $30,480 for the LS1300 with a 15m boom.

Main pic: The 1300-litre BA Pumps and Sprayers LS1300 link­age sprayer

1: BA Group Aus­tralia re­gional man­ager Daniel Pea­cock shows

the Ro­torMix30 in­duc­tion hop­per in the work­ing po­si­tion

2: A sim­ple de­sign fea­ture guar­an­tees no con­tam­i­na­tion of the

hy­draulic hose con­nec­tions

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