Shear­ing sheds

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• Hand­pieces, combs & cut­ters, wool packs, sten­cils, ear­mark pli­ers, ear tags, paint brands and other valu­able ex­per­t­ing equip­ment should be reg­u­larly ac­counted for and se­curely locked away when not in use.

• Wool bales should be se­curely stored in a locked stor­age area.

• De­tails such as model and se­rial num­bers of all shear­ing shed ex­per­t­ing equip­ment, in­clud­ing grinders and wool presses, should be recorded in an in­ven­tory of all farm equip­ment.

• All ex­ter­nal doors, win­dows and chutes should be de­signed so they can be

locked, and the shed checked reg­u­larly.

• Use a rep­utable shear­ing con­trac­tor and car­rier.

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