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How ProAG 16K Plus bale run­ners are re­duc­ing stack­ing time in WA

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SP Hay WA is re­duc­ing stack­ing time by re­plac­ing tele­han­dlers with three new ProAG 16K Plus bale run­ners. Gen­eral man­ager Rob Pauley man­ages the 5000ha crop­ping pro­gram in Brook­ton and spe­cialises in bar­ley and oats, as well as oaten hay. The com­pany’s tele­han­dlers were used to stack hay bales into truck­loads or back to a com­mon stack but were tough on the operators, Pauley says.

“We have still got two tele­han­dlers for stack­ing trucks but they were rough as guts … you were okay in them for four to five hours and then you couldn’t work,” he adds.

Hay and straw stack­ing time has been re­duced by a third thanks to the tran­si­tion to the 16K Plus, which can pick up to 120 large square bales per hour, load two bales per loader cy­cle, pick bales from any di­rec­tion, and un­load up to 12 bales.

“We have been caught be­fore with 3000 bales on the ground and get­ting 50-70mm of rain in a storm, so it was a good move,” Pauley says.

A bale di­rect sys­tem is used on the har­vester with the ce­re­als, while a Krone baler is ex­pected to be used for bal­ing the hay.

SP Hay bought its ProAG 16K bale run­ners from Ge­off Perkins Farm Ma­chin­ery Cen­tre at Nar­ro­gin. Two headed to the Brook­ton, WA, prop­erty and one went to the com­pany’s South Aus­tralian op­er­a­tion.

The pro­duc­tiv­ity gains have been mas­sive, Pauley says.

“With the bale run­ners we av­er­aged 80 bales per hour pad­dock stacked; we did have a guy do­ing 120-130 bales per hour,” he says. “We now just do one stack a pad­dock, or bring four to five pad­docks back into the one stack.

“Tele­han­dlers can’t stack what you can do with a stacker. For $138,000 it’s a no-brainer.”

The unit’s Mor­ris-en­gi­neered com­puter sys­tem sim­pli­fies pick­ing and stack­ing, ac­cord­ing to ProAG.

“To pick up and load bales, operators just tog­gle a loader but­ton,” the com­pany says.

“The com­puter de­ter­mines the mo­tion of the align­ment arms, loader, grab hooks and power slide.”

The op­er­a­tor-in­tense 16K Plus bale run­ners suit the younger ‘Nin­tendo savvy’ operators, Pauley says, adding: “These young guys re­ally make them sing.”

The 16K bale run­ners al­low bales to be turned side­ways or to fit be­tween the arms thanks to the ‘Auto Align’ fea­ture. A power slider pushes each bale row back au­to­mat­i­cally and a push-off fea­ture helps move bales off the forks.

Left: Dealer Ge­off Perkins and SP Hay WA gen­eral man­ager Rob Pauley with a ProAG 16k Plus bale runner

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