Hustler Su­per Comby

The Hustler Su­per Comby feed­out wagon does the job of two ma­chines

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F ish Creek dairy farmer Graeme Ni­coll has pur­chased the lat­est Hustler Su­per Comby feed­out wagon in an at­tempt to sim­plify his op­er­a­tion.

Re­luc­tant to buy ma­chin­ery, Ni­coll – who had pre­vi­ously owned a Comby – wanted a prod­uct that could do mul­ti­ple jobs but was also durable and sim­ple.

“I’m not a big fan of ma­chin­ery, so I wanted a piece of ma­chin­ery that would last and be sim­ple, and the first Comby proved that,” Ni­coll says.

Due to Ni­coll’s rolling South Gipp­s­land ter­rain and the need to pass through many gates, he de­cided that a smaller wagon would be more ap­pro­pri­ate for his prop­erty.

“Our first Comby proved that we could feed square bales more than ad­e­quately if we had to buy them in dry times,” he says.

“The ma­chine does a great job of feed­ing out chopped silage, but also means if we’ve got a few round bales we can throw them in the wagon and feed them out as well.

“The Comby might look small, but I kind of strug­gle call­ing it a smaller ma­chine be­cause it fits enough silage in to do the job,” Ni­coll adds.

The Su­per Comby’s low sides make for eas­ier load­ing and its unique de­sign gives the op­er­a­tor the abil­ity to see the en­tire load from the trac­tor cab.

Hustler equip­ment says its Comby feed­out wag­ons are re­li­able, easy to use and ver­sa­tile.

Ni­coll’s de­sire for ma­chin­ery with mul­ti­ple pur­poses proved to be the sell­ing point for the Hustler Su­per Comby. This meant that with just one Su­per Comby Ni­coll could re­place a silage wagon and a feed­out cart.

“This ma­chine means we only need one feed­out ma­chine on the farm,” Ni­coll says, adding that he rates the Hustler Su­per Comby be­cause of its com­pact size.

The Su­per Comby is 2750mm wide with an over­all length of 5970mm, and is ca­pa­ble of car­ry­ing three to four round bales. It has a tare weight of 2300kg.

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