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On jump­ing be­hind the wheel of the stan­dard-wheel­base New Hol­land T7.225 trac­tor for this test in New Zealand we were im­me­di­ately im­pressed by the ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity pro­vided through a tight turn­ing cir­cle of 11.8m and some fancy fea­tures for tight head­land turns in­cor­po­rated into the Auto Com­mand CVT trans­mis­sion.

Com­fort in the form of New Hol­land’s high-qual­ity seat­ing pack­age was an­other standout fea­ture. When cou­pled with the Ter­raglide front-axle sus­pen­sion and two-stage me­chan­i­cal cab sus­pen­sion, the com­fort level for op­er­a­tors do­ing long days is well taken care of.

The four-pil­lar Hori­zon cab of­fers plenty of vis­i­bil­ity with new high-spec mir­rors as stan­dard, while the rear view and low-an­gle wide view al­low im­proved vi­sion for road or im­ple­ments. Thanks to LEDs, mod­ern trac­tors have en­joyed much im­prove­ment when it comes to light­ing.

This is par­tic­u­larly no­tice­able on the T7.225, mak­ing vis­i­bil­ity dur­ing night-time op­er­a­tions even eas­ier.


The heart of any trac­tor is the en­gine, and the New Hol­land T7.225 boasts one of the lat­est Tier 4B com­pli­ant en­gines.

The 6-cylin­der FPT en­gine has a 48-litre AdBlue tank, which uses slightly more AdBlue than pre­vi­ous mod­els, but the trade­off plays out in terms of lower diesel con­sump­tion.

Based on dyno per­for­mance, the New Hol­land recorded max boosted horse­power at 188.3hp mea­sured at 1000rpm, which falls nicely within the 185hp rated, 225hp boosted man­u­fac­turer’s claims.


New Hol­land has been a leader in this area for some time, of­fer­ing 600-hour en­gine and 1200-hour trans­mis­sion ser­vice in­ter­vals, which has con­tin­ued with the T7 mod­els. The three­year 3000-hour war­ranty is also a great vote of con­fi­dence from the brand.

When it comes to main­te­nance and serviceability, en­gine oil is eas­ily checked from the ground on the left-hand side of the trac­tor with­out re­mov­ing any pan­els. Trans­mis­sion oil has a clear sight glass at the rear with sep­a­rate filler. The one-piece bon­net al­lows ac­cess to the ra­di­a­tors and air fil­ter.

Up front, ra­di­a­tor packs can pivot out to get be­tween for clean­ing, although with the re­versible fan and plenty of mesh in­cor­po­rated into the bon­net de­sign, cool­ing is­sues are min­imised. The re­versible fan can also al­ter pitch to al­low more air­flow for greater cool­ing or less, de­pend­ing on con­di­tions, thus saving on fuel con­sump­tion.


The New Hol­land T7.225 did well in both th­ese ease of use and func­tion­al­ity, in­cor­po­rat­ing good safety fea­tures as well as tech­nol­ogy and sys­tems to get the job done both faster and more ef­fi­ciently.

In this model, you need to press the clutch pedal to en­gage trans­mis­sion. This is a safety fea­ture that most other brands have gone away from.

An­other fea­ture worth men­tion­ing is the ac­tive StopS­tart, which holds the trac­tor and pre­vents roll back on in­clines even when loaded.

Up to 20 lights can be op­tioned, giv­ing 360 de­grees of light. Work­ing through the dark­ness has never been so easy

For park­ing, there is an elec­tronic brake on the shut­tle lever, which you can hear en­gage/dis­en­gage.

Three work­ing tar­get speeds al­low for the right speed range for the job at hand, and three set­tings for trans­mis­sion ag­gres­sive­ness also al­low the op­er­a­tor to set the trac­tor to the best set­ting.

Fuel sav­ings can be made us­ing the droop con­trol dial to limit up­per en­gine revs while main­tain­ing the set-for­ward speed. This also works with PTO op­er­a­tion, ad­just­ing how much PTO speed can re­duce be­fore for­ward speed needs to de­crease.

Four driv­ing modes are avail­able – PTO, man­ual, cruise, and auto – and this trans­mis­sion’s ease of op­er­a­tion of is one of the trac­tor’s big pluses.


Be­ing able to stop is more im­por­tant than get­ting started, and the T7.225 New Hol­land has this well sorted.

For heavy tow­ing jobs, there are hy­draulic trailer brakes. Eas­ily fit­ted is the op­tion of ex­haust brakes, us­ing a but­ter­fly valve to close with a ded­i­cated pedal to con­trol.

The New Hol­land T7.225 mod­els with 50km/h trans­mis­sion have in­te­grated front-brake hubs as an­other fea­ture.

Be­ing able to lock the trans­mis­sion by push­ing the shut­tle but­ton pro­vides en­gine brak­ing, al­low­ing the trac­tor and trailer to slow at the same time, re­duc­ing the risk of jack-knif­ing with heavy trailed im­ple­ments.

The trac­tor can be op­tioned with the ABS Su­perS­teer sys­tem, mak­ing for safer road travel and im­proved head­land turn­ing abil­ity in the field.


A re­vised cab is one of the ben­e­fits of the new T7.225. Key fea­tures in­clude the new light­ing pack­age with LEDs be­com­ing stan­dard is­sue, of­fer­ing bet­ter light­ing with lower power re­quire­ments.

Up to 20 lights can be op­tioned, giv­ing 360 de­grees of light. Work­ing through the dark­ness has never been so easy.

With long days, op­er­a­tor com­fort has also been thought of.

The piv­ot­ing head­rest al­lows for com­fort­able seat­ing po­si­tion to mon­i­tor im­ple­ments at the rear on ei­ther side. The cloth/leather seat of­fers two heat­ing op­tions.

The Hori­zon cab is a four-pil­lar unit of­fer­ing great vis­i­bil­ity around the trac­tor. Crea­ture com­forts such as cli­mate con­trol air-con along with light­ing panel and Blue­tooth ra­dio are built into the cabin roof on the right. For con­trac­tors, there are ad­di­tional slots for ra­dio tele­phone (RT) if re­quired.

The one area which was a lit­tle dated was the large fixed cen­tre dash, which does the job but is of less im­por­tance given the func­tion­al­ity of the 26.4cm-wide In­tel­liview touch­screen mon­i­tor, which I tended to look at 90 per cent of the time.

Aside from the mon­i­tor, func­tion­al­ity of the arm­rest con­trols and con­trol lever are im­por­tant. The con­trols are colour-coded; yel­low for PTO func­tion and orange for trans­mis­sion and drive func­tions. The arm­rest has an elec­tronic ad­just­ment to suit driver com­fort.

The Com­mandGrip con­troller is stan­dard across New Hol­lands, also used in the for­age and com­bine har­vesters, which makes things sim­ple when op­er­at­ing a va­ri­ety of ma­chines. Back­light on the but­tons also helps with work af­ter dark­ness.

Con­trol for link­age, two re­motes, di­rec­tion, as well as speed, head­land man­age­ment and auto-steer – if avail­able – can be con­trolled with­out mov­ing your hand from the con­troller.


Ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy lead to greater func­tion and op­tions to max­imise per­for­mance. Ma­jor up­dates to the 26.4cm In­tel­liview mon­i­tor in­clude im­prove­ments to head­land man­age­ment pro­gram­ming func­tions, mak­ing things eas­ier while still giv­ing the op­tion to record th­ese as you go.

All trac­tor func­tions avail­able on the cen­tre dash are found in the In­tel­liview colour touch­screen.

Trac­tor mon­i­tors have been ISOBUS ca­pa­ble for the last few sea­sons, al­low­ing im­ple­ments to be con­trolled from the trac­tor with­out ex­tra mon­i­tors.

The New Hol­land T7 Auto Com­mand trac­tors have gone a step fur­ther with ISOBUS III, which will al­low ISOBUS im­ple­ments to con­trol the trac­tor speed/revs to max­imise out­put.

For ex­am­ple, when bal­ing, sen­sors on the baler will say when crops are heav­ier and the trac­tor needs to slow down or speed up. Pretty clever!

The abil­ity to op­er­ate three trac­tors or im­ple­ment mounted cam­eras as well as auto-steer guid­ance sys­tems on one screen is go­ing to suit op­er­a­tions mak­ing the most of th­ese tools.

Hy­draulic func­tions can be set, as­sign­ing dif­fer­ent re­motes to dif­fer­ent con­trols, al­ter­ing flow rates to make op­er­a­tion as sim­ple as pos­si­ble.


Nei­ther the 21-tonne Her­ron trailer nor the 3.5m Sumo Trio disc har­rows tested put the hy­draulic sys­tems un­der pres­sure.

The mea­sured oil flow of 92 litres/min, tested by a hy­draulic flow me­ter, should be suf­fi­cient for most tasks. Lift ca­pac­ity of 3.5 tonnes at the front and 8.25 tonnes at the rear should be plenty for im­ple­ments mounted to a trac­tor of this size.


The T7.225 is mid-range in sev­eral as­pects. De­spite not be­ing the big­gest or heav­i­est trac­tor around, it still han­dled the heavy Her­ron silage trailer well, show­ing good ac­cel­er­a­tion with a full load and smooth han­dling char­ac­ter­is­tics.

The op­tional ex­haust brake would be the only real im­prove­ment that could be made here.

The change to the rear lad­der hitch is a new fea­ture of­fered by New Hol­land on this range of trac­tors.

The large ball cou­pling sys­tem is be­com­ing favoured, par­tic­u­larly in bal­ing and other PTO drawn im­ple­ments, as it helps re­duce the slop in con­nec­tion, de­creas­ing wear and tear on the trac­tor, im­ple­ment, and drive shafts.

The 3.5m Sumo Trio is a size­able piece of ma­chin­ery. That said, on the flat pad­dock we had for test­ing, the New Hol­land per­formed well un­der the con­di­tions.

Be­ing able to shift hy­draulic re­mote func­tions around to suit is a handy fea­ture. Head­land func­tions are all eas­ily pro­gram­mable through the mon­i­tor, mak­ing head­lands no drama at all.


De­pend­ing on your planned us­age, the T7 se­ries comes ready to spec up to suit your re­quire­ments. The ad­di­tion of ex­haust brak­ing is eas­ily made, which is help­ful in trans­port ap­pli­ca­tions and im­proves safety while op­er­at­ing on the open road with heavy loads.

Be­ing guid­ance-sys­tem ready makes the ad­di­tion of this tech­nol­ogy easy to fit to in­crease pro­duc­tiv­ity in the field, saving on in­puts and in­creas­ing ac­cu­racy. As this isn’t an overly heavy trac­tor, weigh­ing in at 7340kg, you aren’t cart­ing ex­tra weight you don’t need around.

For tillage ap­pli­ca­tions, bal­last can eas­ily be added through tyre weights and front weight pack op­tions. Tyre stan­dard set up is Miche­lin 650/65 R36 rear and 540/65 R28 front. Th­ese can be changed to suit in­di­vid­ual re­quire­ments.


The top end of the trac­tor play­ing field is highly com­pet­i­tive. We found the New Hol­land T7.225 to be an ex­cel­lent all­round per­former from specs and pric­ing to per­for­mance and drive­abil­ity.

With the sharp price of­fer­ing a de­cent bang for your buck and horse­power for your dol­lars, it is well worth con­sid­er­ing for your arable farm op­er­a­tion or con­tract­ing work.

1. The New Hol­land T7.225 trac­tor is put to the test with a 21-tonne Her­ron trailer 2. The Sidewinder arm­rest is func­tional and easy to nav­i­gate 3. Four rear spools and power be­yond are stan­dard 4. DPS dyno-test­ing the New Hol­land T7.225

Mark Fouhy jumps in the rea­son­ably priced 185hp New Hol­land T7.225 trac­tor, and reck­ons it’s an ex­cel­lent all-round per­former from specs to per­for­mance and drive­abil­ity TOP FEA­TURES Ser­vice in­ter­val and war­ranty Seat­ing for op­er­a­tor Field/road L/hp/hr...

5. In­te­grated front link­age and PTO makes the New Hol­land ideal for front mow­ing ap­pli­ca­tions 6. The high-lift bon­net makes ser­vic­ing a breeze 7. The T7.225 weighs in at 7340kg

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