BMW of­fers A Clever new Anti-tuck ABS sys­tem As A retrofit for the stun­ning hp4...

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BMW make the nutty HP4 a lit­tle bit safer, plus more!

I n an in­ter­est­ing tech devel­op­ment, BMW is of­fer­ing the own­ers of its awe­some HP4 weapon a new safety fea­ture – ABS Pro. This is a re­fine­ment of the Race ABS sys­tem the bike cur­rently sports. It apes the func­tion of Bosch’s MSC sys­tem as fit­ted to the top spec KTM 1190 Ad­ven­tures, un­sur­pris­ing as the sys­tem is also by Bosch, but it’s a won­der that it’s not been de­buted (or able to be de­buted) on the R 1200 GS where we’re sure it would sell like hot wurst.

So what’s it sup­posed to do? Al­ready fes­tooned with elec­tron­ics, the ABS Pro sys­tem piggy backs onto the flow of ze­roes and ones from the HP4 to come up with a new raft of cal­cu­la­tions. The sys­tem uses bank­ing an­gle data (roll rate, yaw rate and trans­verse ac­cel­er­a­tion as de­tected by sen­sors al­ready on the bike) to de­ter­mine whether full brak­ing can be ap­plied when cor­ner­ing. If not, and the sys­tem de­tects that the front could tuck un­der brak­ing, the sys­tem mod­u­lates brak­ing pres­sure to en­sure that ev­ery­thing stays sticky side down. De­signed for use on the road, rather than the track, ABS Pro is able to be retro fit­ted to any HP4 for the not too princely sum of 380 Eu­ros.

It’s not a catch all fail-safe, as BMW points out, “Although ABS Pro pro­vides valu­able sup­port and is an enor­mous safety bonus for the rider when brak­ing on cor­ners, it can in no way re­de­fine phys­i­cal lim­its. It is still pos­si­ble to ex­ceed these lim­its due to mis­judg­ment or rid­ing er­rors, which in ex­treme cases can re­sult in a fall.”

The sys­tem works in tan­dem with the rid­ing modes, so is avail­able in Rain and Sport mode, but not in Race and Slick modes where an ac­ci­dent while trail brak­ing on track is much more likely – although dif­fi­cult to cal­cu­late. We asked BMW UK about whether it could be fit­ted to the S 1000 RR or the S 1000 R, and the re­ply was this, “The Pro sys­tem uses the DTC/ABS data for the new func­tion but also re­lies on the DDC sen­sors for ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion, these are not avail­able on the K46 (S 1000 RR) and K47 (S 1000 R) whose DDC is a quite dif­fer­ent me­chan­i­cally so re­quires sep­a­rate devel­op­ment.”

The boom in elec­tron­ics opens up the op­tion for retro fit­ting sys­tems like this, so ex­pect to see more of it. Like Suzuki’s GSX-R1000 is re­puted to have trac­tion con­trol al­go­rithms in its ECU, man­u­fac­tur­ers are over engi­neer­ing cur­rent tech­nol­ogy so that fu­ture so­lu­tions can be sim­ply (and rel­a­tively cheaply) rolled out. As soon as the sys­tem is fit­ted onto the press fleet we’ll be heavy brak­ing into cor­ners with gusto… Check out your near­est dealer for more info.

• if you don’t brake like a pro, then BMW’s new Pro ABs sys­tem can help you from tuck­ing the front while on the brakes...

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