2013 KAWASAKI ZX-10R FROM-£7,300

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The chro­moly crank­shaft (it used to be cast steel) was lo­cated 10º and 28mm higher,g, and the trans­mis­sion shaft lo­cated above the other two (107mm higher) to cen­tralise mass, over the pre­vi­ous bike. The cylin­der bores’ cen­tres are set 2mm to­wards the ex­haust side, re­duc­ing lat­eral pis­ton force, and use lighter pis­tons with shorter skirts and thin­ner rings. In­take valves are 1mm big­ger, at 31mm, and in­take tap­pets were larger, too. Even the brand new 2017 ZX’s en­gine only makes a bit more power than this. The seven-piece, all-cast alu­minium frame fol­lows a more di­rect line to the swingarm pivot point. The seat has been low­ered by 17mm. The swingarm is a three-piece, all-cast unit, made longer to im­prove drive. The CoG is 4mm lower than pre­vi­ously, while the rake is cut by half a de­gree and trail shorted by 3mm to 107mm. Showa’s 43mm Big Pis­ton Fork sits up front sport­ing their ef­fec­tive but ini­tially pe­cu­liar feel, with a hor­i­zon­tal monoshock at the back. There is an ABS equipped ver­sion avail­able.

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