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QI just got back from my first track­day of the year and my legs are killing me! At first I thought it was just be­cause I hadn’t rid­den for six months but I now re­alise I was putting a lot of weight on my in­side leg in the turns which I didn’t do be­fore. What has changed?

AI’m glad it’s your legs hurt­ing, not your wrists. It means you’re try­ing to be light on the ’bars, but it should be the out­side leg that does most of the work con­nect­ing your­self to the bike. Have a check at how far away from the tank you are sit­ting. If you’re right up against it you end up wedged there and in­stead of mov­ing your­self across the sad­dle when you hang off, you end up ro­tat­ing around the tank, out­side knee los­ing con­nec­tion with the tank and so the in­side leg does a lot more work. Sit back a lit­tle, about a clenched fist’s dis­tance away from the tank, and you’ll be able to slide across un­til your out­side knee can lock on to the tank, se­cur­ing your­self solidly.

Tak­ing ‘stretch­ing one’s legs’ a step too far...

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