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QI did Level 1 & 2 at the School at the be­gin­ning of the sea­son last year and it re­ally helped my rid­ing for the rest of the year. I know I should have been prac­tic­ing over the win­ter but I live in Scot­land and we get so much snow and ice up here that the bike is parked up a lot (I know, ex­cuses, ex­cuses!). Any­thing I can do to help when I start rid­ing again?

AThere’s some­thing you can prac­tice whether you are driv­ing, walk­ing or even sit­ting still that will def­i­nitely help; Wide View. What­ever you are do­ing, see if you can move your aware­ness around from what­ever it is you are look­ing di­rectly at, with­out mov­ing your head or your eyes. If you are driv­ing you should be able to be aware of both your door mir­rors while look­ing at the car in front. While sit­ting, you should be able to be aware of most of the room while look­ing for­ward at, say, the TV.

Go for a walk and see how just how much you can be aware of while look­ing for­ward, not just side to side, but up/down and near/far too.

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