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Do’h! Hi guys, me again! I took part in the clas­sic en­durance at Don­ing­ton. We were first 600 home (again) after Boasty blew his bike up 15 min­utes from the end. I was on the pit wall when he came in.

I felt bad or him, for about three sec­onds – be­cause we were the next 600 be­hind him! Boom! Done it again! We re­ally couldn’t have done it how­ever,with­out Grant Good­ings and Ian Courts on the team.

Grant was do­ing 1m23s laps con­sis­tently on an old proddy bike that I’d crashed in prac­tice. Yep. Off again. I’m fine. Engine seized so she’s back in the shop. Again...

Crash lots of bikes, then take up rock climb­ing? Liv­ing on the edge!

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